Resolved VEUXG spam? in the new upgrade


Jul 10, 2016
EDIT: I think it's a user agreement for something related to the phone system. I have japanese on translation by default which when scanning Korean with google translate says "i love you". I suppose it's a bug as it's not in the default system language.


I just downloaded and upgraded using the link here

After the update, i got a popup i could not escape from. I translated this to "i love you" "sorry" (see screenshots).

I was so confused, i decided to do a full install, and wipe the entire device. Only to find the same popup again.

I'm rolling back to xiaomi.eu_multi_VEUXG_V14.0.2.0.TKCMIXM_v14-13 but there is something seriously wrong

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Steps to reproduce

1. Download and install xiaomi.eu_multi_VEUXG_V14.0.3.0.TKCMIXM_v14-13 (happens on both full wipe and upgrade)
2. Install via .bat script
3. standard MIUI setup
4. Popup appears
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What are you expecting ? You are trying to translate Korean by selecting Japanese in Google lens. The Pop-up ist just a normal user agreement pop-up.
Edit : It appears that I'm totally wrong. I deeply apologize to everyone.
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