Water Damage, Recoverable?


Mar 27, 2012
Firstly, let me thank you guys immensely for the support and the output of work; truly has made my first experience using a Chinese branded phone a pleasure.

Unfortunately, I stupidly accepted a water ride and although it was not fully submerged nor directly in contact with any water, it was a hot day and moisture somehow managed to find its way inside my tight, silicone cover.

Currently, I've buried the phone in some raw rice in hopes of drawing out the moisture but prior to this, it began screen flickering and constant freezing before shutting itself off or remaining frozen. After a day in the rice, I booted to find that it did boot up and loaded the ROM but, upon some slight usage, it would begin freezing again and this has made it somewhat unusable. I've also done a complete full wipe from recovery along with a fresh install of the latest ROM to no avail.

Apart from using raw rice, is there any way of diagnosing the exact problems possibly via the software? My item was bought direct from Xiaomi in Taishan but was shipped out by family; Is there the possibility of any sort of warranty option?

Maybe this is a sign to go and get the MI2 :confused:

The help is appreciated!
Remove the battery and go to a hardware or a store that sell stuff that can Remove water from Electronic.
Then let it stay that way until you are sure all water is gone. Then try to reflash the Phone you find a guide i made in the mi-one section
Thanks for your reply but could you please elaborate a little more on the 'stuff'? Right now the rice doesn't seem to be doing much; do you mean silica gel?
I'm not sure what it's called but it's a bag where you put the phone in and it removes all the water from the phone. It's something that they have made that collect the water. Just call a big electronic store or website and ask if they have something that can remove water from phones that have been in water :)