What phone to buy?

Mar 27, 2013

I've been looking to a bunch of phones and got interested in chinese phones. They seem very good and much cheaper. I was looking at the Xiaomi Mi2a and it looks great, though it doesn't have an SD slot. So I was wondering, what phone would you guys suggest?
My budget is about €200. Main uses will be general phone stuff (sms mainly), GPS and music. I might also install a few games, but not too many. Though this would be my first smartphone, so my primary uses might change. I really like the look of Miui, so proper support for this would be nice too.

Other phones I've looked at:
Jiayu G3/G4
Xiaomi Mi2/s (Little too expensive)

So, any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!
Feb 26, 2012
You won't get a MIUI phone for under 250€.
You can get one of the cheap Samsung or HTC devices, but note they are mostly slow and crappy :p

But what about Galaxy Ace 2. Its about 150€ and has dual core.
I wouldn't recommend Huawei, had bad experiences.

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Apr 23, 2013
Hey what about Mi 2A? It's much cheaper than Mi 2/s and it's also powerful with NFC and better music experience than Mi 2/s...They're gunna sell it this Friday. Looking forward to it