What's the deal with mi10T pro camera?


Feb 12, 2013
I want to update my rom, im currently on 21.8.4 which is the latest 'camera working' rom

I thought once Android 12 will arrive the problem (what ever it is) will be fix.
But i see the same warning about the camera, so i cannot update to Android 12 olso.

Miui13 will be different of can i aspect the same ?


Jun 11, 2020
Mi 10T Pro does not have a beta ROM. So to create the weekly, Xiaomi.eu uses the camera blobs from the stable ROM, and add them to the Mi 10T/Redmi K30S ultra beta ROM.

At some point, the beta broke the compatibility with the stable blobs, and now we are trapped because the beta is currently evolving a lot faster than the stable ROM.

So yes, the situation will probably improve at some point, but you will need Android 12, and maybe MIUI 13 to be available on the stable Mi10 T Pro ROM to get camera blobs matching the beta.
(Or you can switch to the stable ROM in the meantime)
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