Where do I find Software version Europe tablet redmi pad


Dec 27, 2022

I own a xiaomi mi pad tablet with 4Gb/128gb with the software version Global mi
The seller told me that you can install europe software to work google pay and netflix
Can you help me with two answers?
1) where do I find the Rom to install the software version and how should I do it( tutorial

2) Are the global software variant google services certified?

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You are on the "xiaomi.eu" custom ROM forum. You are not on the Xiaomi website. Your device is not supported by xiaomi.eu developers.

2) Are the global software variant google services certified?
Yes, it is certified by Google (The question is whether you have a Global device with Global ROM or a Chinese device with Global ROM.)
If you have Global ROM in your tablet, it is unnecessary to change it to Global EEA.

If you insist on changing the ROM from Global international to Global EEA :
1. Unlock bootloader
2. Install the desired ROM using Miflash
3. Lock bootloader.

Official Xiaomi website

Xiaomi Community

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The version is Firmware: Global Mi

Where do I find to make the transition from my global to Europe Mi

1. Unlock bootloader????
2. Install the desired ROM using Miflash????
3. Lock bootloader?????

Thank you in advance