Xiaomi pad 6 pro exists only in China version


Jul 5, 2023

Sorry am very new to the Xiaomi market and all so I might not even be on the right website.
I am lost between what is Stable ROM and Stock ROM ? what's the difference between Xiaomi.eu Global and Xiaomi.eu China ? The Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro only exists in China for the moment but I can purchase one to deliver to Europe but I don't know if it's compatible to have a China version in Europe ? ( I don't mind the fact that the System is in English)

I hope someone can help me undertsand or direct me to where am supposed to ask.
Stable ROM is a release branch (versus Weekly ROM branch, officially called "Public Beta").
Stock ROM is a generic term for any ROM that is official, i.e. released by Xiaomi.
"Xiaomi.eu Global and Xiaomi.eu China"? No idea what that is. There's just Xiaomi.eu which is our custom (i.e. not official) ROM.
We may base our ROM on official China ROM or official Global ROM, depending on availability.
Can't give any opinion on a Xiaomi Pad, we don't even support any of these on our project.
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