why are there multiple githubs for translation ???


Dec 9, 2010
i saw for example that there is a github with the values in english (the link is in the top bar of the forum)

and I also saw that the french translator (because i also looked for a french translation cause i'm french ^^ ) also used github.

it would be a lot easier to have ONE github account, with include ALL translations

this way, when you build the patch, it would be multilanguage...

ok there may be some problems with pictures if they contains text, but this way the translation of the text values would be in multiple language

now, maybe i missed something, but this could be possible or do you guys prefer having one patch for each language ...

having ONE patch for multiple language would offer the ability to do custom builds (for example for ONE specific device) that would come out multilanguage, and could be used by each user easily ..

when i took the desire HD example.
There is a port in english
if you wish a german port, you need to modify the existing german patch so it would be working with the desire HD
if you wish a russian version, you need to de the same
and so on

whereas having all translations at once, you could port the rom for a device, and the user that speak an other language want need to do something special ...

maybe there are multiple githubs because nobody know how to use github.... but i guess you know how to use it :rolleyes:, so why having multiple githubs ???
this idea is good, but, we don't work at same speed, so the releases will be delayed for waiting all translator make there jobs

but i think we can make a repo where all language will be include for, as your exemple, cutom build or other port
I simply asked, because i used your french patch for redox's desire HD MIUI port, but it seams that when people use my rom (that is a little customised) in english, there have some chinese parts ...

I also received PM asking me to do a russian as a german version of the rom... and doing so, i need to use tools like apktool to disasemble the files, take out the translated values, put them all together, compile the new apk and copy the file in the signed original data ...
so doing a multilanguage port is REALLY a lot of work

unfortunatly i don't have time to programm a script or a java programm that can automatise the process ..
and even if i had the time, i think that this process is stupid...
every translator has his original values, so why not puting them together and build once for all a multilanguage version

even if the spanish or italian (or whatever other language) need more time to do put the new translations in the github, android will take the default value if there is no translation present. And we could set english as default value for example

this way there will no longer be needed to have one or more patch per language (english often go up to version e or f ^^), but every day or every two days(when the github project is updated !) there will be a new patch build that included the all the changes (for example added itilian language, fix english word in app A, fix french missing word in app B and so on)

so to have a multilanguage patch, we only need to check ONE github account.
at the moment, we need to disasemble MULTIPLE patch file and to do a crazy work ...

it would also be possible to write a script that update a custom ROM or a ported ROM.
the tool open the ported based rom, modify if needed the build.prop (often it is not needed), download the latest multilanguage patch, apply it on the rom, and build a new one...