Wifi Battery Usage


Nov 13, 2010
After flashing 11.19 (even tried full wipe, and starting from scratch), wifi has been using way too much battery for me. If I leave the screen off, it shows up as 95% of all battery usage, and even with the screen on it still uses 70% with display hanging around 20%. I didn't even know wifi could use more battery than the display, particularly when nothing's syncing/downloading etc.

I've found out that in just 1 minute it uses over 1000 uAh, while compared with around 65 uAh on MIUI 11.12.

Even with no extra apps installed and no custom kernel or anything it's still doing this.

Does anybody know why? :(

PS: I'm on a HTC Desire GSM. Would upgrading the radio from 5.09 to 5.11 help?
Guess it's a real bug then. Thank goodness I'm not insane and my phone isn't screwed up. Thanks for the link too :)

Do the developers know about it?
happening for me to. Wifi battery usage at around 75%. A lot more than any other rom I have used.

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Does it really matter what percentage it uses if you are getting 12 plus hours of heavy usage. Back on 1.26 and 1.29 my display said it was using 70+ percent. I was still getting 20 hours of battery life with moderate use so who cares what percent it said. Just my opinion.
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Having same issues. Battery draining REAL fast when WiFi is being used.

I highly doubt a full charge will last 4~6 hours with moderate Wifi usage.

Sorry about my English.
Anybody know whether this is fixed on 11.26? I didn't see anything in the changelog.

If nobody knows I'll test it myself and report back here. :)
I am seeing the same high usage by wifi on my EVO as well.

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Tying up some loose ends: Mine's been fixed since 12.3. It's no longer unusually high and battery usage is quite normal.
I've had this wifi usage battery drain since version 11.19 Seems that wifi doesn't turn off when set to "When screen turns off" I lose up to 40% overnight.