Wifi doesn't reconnect automatically? (SOLVED)


Apr 12, 2020

After manually disconnecting and connecting wifi it stays connected for some hours. After a while not using my phone I get problems.
When an app needs a wifi-connection (like mobile banking or chromecast) they don't automatically let the phone reconnect to wifi (the icon is visible though).
After manually disconnecting and connecting again everything works fine... but that's not the way!

Anyone suggestions?

Today I split the wifi-band from the router: different SSID for 2.4 Ghz en 5 Ghz.
I connected my Redmi Note 8t to the 2.4 band and everything seems to work perfect.
Perhaps this is the solution?
If so, it means that the Redmi Note 8t is not 100% compatible with the 5Ghz-band of my router (Orange Livebox 4)...

23-04: Still working on 2.4Ghz, switched back to 5Ghz and...same again. So, I'm back on the 2.4Ghz band and stay there. If it's a problem from Xiaomi or Orange...

06-05: Definitely a problem of the Livebox 4. Reset it to factory-settings and after the reboot my Note 8t got connected to the 5Ghz-band without a problem. And most important: it stayed connected without any problems at all during the last 2 days!

07-05: And the problem is back again...so I switched back to the 2.4 Ghz band.
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Apr 25, 2020
Hello, I live in France and have the same phone bought from Free.
I use a Freebox Delta S and run the phone at home on 5G 802.11ac, canal primaire 116, secondaire 120, 80 Mhz.
Not had any problems but have tried the same test with my French bank monitoring on the Freebox and it seems fine.
Maybe Orange box 5G wifi settings. Hope this helps.