WiFi issues X3 Pro


Jul 22, 2021
Hi All,

Is anyone else having WiFi issues with their X3 Pro with the Xiaomi.eu roms? Had such a good experience with my Poco F1 that I initially didn't bother with the stock rom and just waited to unlock bootloader. When that was done I went with the current newest stable rom V12.5.2.0

After a bit of screen off time I got a notification that my WiFi had no internet connectivity, was still connected just fine but I couldn't access any internal IP addresses either. Tried all the usual tricks, static IP, WiFi on 2.4ghz only, cleared all saved network connection and started fresh. No improvement, still getting the problem intermittently after a bit of screen off time. Connectivity can always be restored by turning wifi off/on

Rolled back xiaomi.eu rom to both previous versions available (clean wipes each time) and problem persisted. Figured that I'd better check another rom, so tried latest ArrowOS and that worked fine, then went with the latest official Xiaomi Global rom and that also doesn't have any issues

Haven't been able to test on any other WiFi. Using a TP-Link Deco M4 mesh solution with WPA2-PSK (AES) that doesn't have a great deal of options available to diagnose further from that side but to be fair, I don't have this problem with any other devices or roms

Happy to plonk the xiaomi.eu rom back on and get logcats etc or whatever if I'm told what's needed. Back to using the F1 for the moment


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