Wildfire S - WindowManagerPolicy errors

Discussion in 'Porting Advice/Help' started by se-nsei., Jun 9, 2012.

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    As I know, WFS team have successfully booted miui. Check out twice ;]
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    This is classic framework-miui-res.apk error if you don't compile this file properly.
    If your rom is based on 2.6.8 or later then you must do the following:
    - install frameworks from ID1 to ID6 (id1=framework-res.apk. 2,3,4 are frameworks from HTC One roms and id5=5.apk from Miui code on github). id6 = framework-miui-res.apk.
    - decompile framework-miui-res.apk
    - correct miui source errors in tags, changing them to <item></item>. You need to correct: anims.xml arrays.xml ids.xml layouts.xml xmls.xml.
    - put -2, -3, -4, -5 to apktool.yml.
    - compile and add resources.

    It should boot.

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