Would you consider paying for the MIUI Weather app if it was made available?

Would you pay for MIUI Weather given what you have just read?

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I would gladly pay if I could get some customer service, too. I love this rom, but I've been having some problems with it. My theme manager keeps force closing and I'm stuck on one theme with no weather widget. :(

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Hey Zero..My comment was in response to the reasons of which many of the posters stated why this should not be a "paid" app. I didn't specifically conjure a response due to your last posting, however, this portion did pique my interest...
Not to mention that even selling this app for only $1 would create an amazing amount of profit, more than what is truly needed for the reason specified.
I guess there was no need for me to say "you guys are ridiculously cheap", however, I'm not quite sure how$.99 would create such a huge profit considering not only the cost of maintaining the server, but also the support necessary to keep the app functioning and everyone happy.

Then again, I could be completely talking out of my...and due to my limited knowledge of what really goes into modding, theming, & developing, I may be wrong. Just as you stated, it is only an opinion. I do apologize if I offended any of the posters in this thread.

All I know is I am grateful for all the hard work every dev, tester, translator has and continues to contribute to MIUI. Why not pay a small token to make the experience of this ROM even more enjoyable than it already is.
I would pay a dollar for this app solely because it and this Rom have given far more than that in value. I like supporting the hardworking developers. So what if it's a profitable app? Don't you think a guy who translates a Chinese rom weekly for free deserves a little something for his work? I guess I'm a good consumer since I donate to places I feel have earned my money.

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I would absolutely pay $1 for this app.

Anything to help the community.

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Hey guys! We are raising money for a Nexus S for Mark (go to the miui-dev.com main page).
Mark said we will get the weather app for free if that happens :D (some pics are included also, looks great!!)
Let the donating begin!!

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