Xiaomi eu. would it close?


Sep 10, 2016
Good morning, first of all I want to clarify that I am not a person who reads the forums constantly, but my question is the following:
I know they are not the same, and each rom has its own characteristics, a few weeks ago I found out that miroom (the Russian rom), will close its services for personal reasons (they did not clarify why), I just read that revos (also based on miui) will also close, my question is: xiaomi eu have plans to close the project? did they comment something?, my concern is, what is the best rom that i use and use, and something like this would be catastrophic for me

Igor Eisberg

Staff member
Oct 6, 2016
Not sure why you're panicking. We're not related to those ROMs in any way. The MiRoom announcement did state reasons, so saying "they did not clarify why" is inaccurate. In any case, giving the state of our build automation scripts and patching method, I'd say that we're in a pretty good shape.