Xiaomi Fastboot Roms Releasing (yes Or No)

Do xiaomi.eu must release fastboot (MiFlash) roms for unlocked devices?????

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  • My phone is already unlocked, no needed

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Jan 24, 2014
Hello all,

Since the new smartphones of Xiaomi in the future will be locked due security.

I was wondering why xiaomi.eu doesent provide fastboot roms?
Xiaomi.eu use the same roms as en.miui.com i think because xiaomi.com (mi.com) is releasing the roms to the chinese and english community. So why is xiaomi.eu not releasing them and only recovery roms?

Because for locked bootloaders in the future there will be a lot of problems with people who doesen't know how to unlock or install roms of en.miui.com or xiaomi.eu