Xiaomi HongMi (Red Rice) without UPDADER APP

May 31, 2014
Screenshot_2014-05-31-22-11-57.png Screenshot_2014-05-31-22-11-47.png Screenshot_2014-05-31-22-11-40.png
Hello to all
I recently bought a RED RICE, nice I like it.
the control of the code on the box, and using CPU-Z
it should just be an original RR.
However, I would like to do the update of miui but I miss the updater app, and if I go on
System updates and I click on the arrow on the phone back home.

I have to enable something to go on?

these screenshots made with cpu-z
so tell me if you notice any strangeness
Jan 20, 2014
If you can boot into standard recovery, than:

1. download the rom you need to update
2. rename it to update.zip
3. copy it to your phone
4. boot to recovery
5. select install update.zip

Before backup