Xiaomi Xiaomi MI-2 Full video conference presentation

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May 10, 2012
just saw that yesterday in youku.

bah i must say they gave lots of **** to the people who actually bought the ticket and went

i cant remember all but the most important things were
an orange M1 tshirt
rights to buy xiaomi 2 (i believe you get a number or something like that to pre order one when its time)
and the little bluetooth racing car which is awesome and not to mention its like 299

shouldnt have missed that .. o well. i didnt think that paying 199 for the entrance was right... now the joke is on me.
Aug 19, 2011
The important part is: Is it possible to pre-order outside of China? Otherwise it's such a waste showing it off, as we won't even get our hands on one.
May 10, 2012
Did the spec's released indicate whether or not there is a micro SD slot?
well in the video it didn't say anything about it, until now i believe theres not going to be sd expansion, such a bummer to have only like 10gb for data, rest goes for the rom i guess.

but according to that comparison there is indeed an expansion slot.. hope its true.


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Nov 6, 2010
Aug 25, 2012
not official blog. That news is not correct.
I really wish they could settle this once and for all and just show a picture of the Mi-two with the battery removed so we can actually see for ourselves what ports it has. There are parties on both sides swearing it does or does not have a microsd card slot and not one simple picture of the phone with the battery removed floating around anywhere on the internet to just resolve the conversation once and for all. Meanwhile, Xiaomi itself remains silent.
If someone has a picture they can upload or has actually manhandled the phone, removed the battery and seen with his/her own eyes the microsd card slot, could you please let us know? We're eagerly anticipating this phone, and whether or not it has more than 16gb of possible storage is the difference between a super phone and a brick for many of us. Much appreciated!:)
May 10, 2012
in the website it doesnt say anything about the micro sd expansion at the phone specs section

its quite hard to believe it doesnt tho, 16 gb is not enough for anything nowadays, hope the official pictures or news come out soon.

i will try to enter the xiaomi website and contact their online support, doubt they know anything official tho, most of the times they are clueless too.
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