In Progress Xiaomi MI-One 2.5.4 Bugs - LED Notifications


Apr 25, 2011
Trivial I know... but not able to change the default "Notification" LED from Blue! By this I mean that it is changed to say Green in the settings, but still notifies as Blue!

"Calls" appear to work ok, but "Messages" have the same problem as default "Notifications".

This has been a bug since MIUI v4 ICS.

Translation is ok, problem is, no matter what colour for sms or notifications you choose, it will stays blue, even if in settings it set for purple for example.
Okay, thanks, I'll see about reporting it.

Some of those LED choices might not be possible. I know my device only has green, orange and red support. So maybe some of these fancy colors won't work.
Just checked again and no matter what colour you choose it stays blue. In previous version there was no such problem. I see green and yellow colur working for sure, so it's version bug.