Xiaomi Mi-One Screen Adjusting, low saturation


May 19, 2012
Yesterday my new Mi-One arrived and I'm very excited about it. No I didn't want to wait for the M2 because the size will be bigger and the Mi-One size is just perfect ;)

What I was wondering if somebody knows how to adjust the screencolours. I would like to adjust them because the screen has low saturation/ contrast. I think the screencolours can be better. I can't find it anywhere and I hope somebody can help me? (so this is not about the camera)

I also would like to know which roms I can download for the Mi-One. It's now in English and maybe I want to switch to Dutch language.

Grtz Alex
Tnx for the language-pack. I think I have to find a mod who can help me with adjusting the colours?
I have only seen brightness level not anything else. :) So maybe an app or mod can give you saturation and contrast mod support :)
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you can always try it again :) Try it in recovery mode :)
I've tried it for three time :) Ah well maybe an other time, now I'm first going to enjoy the Mi-One. And still hoping for a mod or somebody else who can help me with saturation and contrast :cool: