1. T

    Eu plug on Chinese server

    The Xiaomi universe is great. Once I got my roborock and it kind of locked me into the chinese server back in the day... Everything from my scooter, sensors, thermostat, air clearning, robot are all connected and existing happily now in the Chinese servers. No issues. I ordered an EU Wifi...
  2. F

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 screen replacement

    Hi all, I have a Redmi Note 7 buyed by internet. I'm form Portugal and I buy the mobile from Camboja/China, Global Version. Now I broke the screen and I need to replace it. I already goes to the xiaomi official store here but they don't repair it because of it being not european - she says the...
  3. vlachorumsapiens

    Google-Camera 7.3 for Redmi Note 7 Pro

    NOTICE TO ALL USERS: This thread has been discarded as it has already fulfilled its purpose and therefore is now no longer needed. Please follow the NEW THREAD! Arnova Google-Camera 7.4 BETA is out! The saga continues
  4. K

    Miui 10 on China phone.

    Hi, on my Redmi note 4x i have rom (MIUIPolska) and i have a question. Xiaomi is blocking miui 10 on China phones ( my phone is mido from china). If i install miui 10 ( from xiaomi,eu) then Xiaomi will block my phone?
  5. A

    MIUI 9 China Stable ROM V9.6.2.0.NXKCNFD for Mi 4c Released

    MIUI 9 China Stable ROM V9.6.2.0.NXKCNFD for Mi 4c Released
  6. S

    How To Flash .eu Rom On My Redmi Pro With Fake Rom Via Ubuntu (linux)

    Hey guys, I own a redmi pro with a fake stable global rom. I would like to have an official rom. I only use the English language in my phone and need google apps. I understand that China Dev rom would be an oke choice. But also i understand that for an .EU rom you first need to get a China Dev...
  7. P

    Miui8 China & Google Play

    I'm never quite so stupid as when I am trying to be clever!!! I have a Mi4c bought from *******. Saw MIUI 8 and thought "that looks nice". Flashed the ROM without issue. BUT I should have paid more attention. It is not a global rom and I have lots of Chinese stuff plus Google Play no longer...
  8. C

    Redmi 3 Eu Ido Rom Vs En China Rom

    Hi , I'm new member and have small question , recently got Redmi 3 pro , it's running china ROM and i have install google services and play store . I'm ok with china ROM . But would like to move eu ROM if there any advantages other than multi langues support and google services . coz In...
  9. nicoff

    Xiaomi Official Stable Release Devices List

    Hi, I created this thread to easily check all available new official stable releases for supported devices, so you won't get mad with MIUI english site. ;) *DEVICES LIST* AQUA Mi 4s ARIES Mi 2/2s ARMANI Redmi 1S CANCRO Mi 3/4 DIOR Redmi Note 4G Single-SIM FERRARI Mi 4i GEMINI Mi 5...