Xiaomi POCO X3 NFC (surya) - black screen after reflashing latest global ROM (MIUI 14.2.0)


Sep 28, 2023
encountered a video playback issue - gallery, YouTube, instagram, snapchat etc weren't able to playback any type of videos and instead of got stuck on either indefinite loading screens or the app crashed shortly after and I also had popups of "MIUI+ Beta is not responding" and such

upon trying to close all apps with that little X button in task view (clear RAM, or whatever it's called) the apps weren't appearing to be closing and there was no "X MBs/GBs cleared" popup

tried updating to the latest global ROM thinking that would solve the problem, but it didn't solve anything
tried reflashing the ROM (i've done it before, using the same zip file and the same updater and it didn't cause any problems) and upon boot I am greeted with a black screen
the phone behaves like normal, i see the "POCO" logo for a few seconds (bootloader phase) and then when the ROM is booting, I see nothing
fastboot and recovery logo are also visible

currently backing up internal storage so I can do a factory reset
any other solutions before I commit?
Did you solve it by any chance (I am having the same issues, in my case the black screen is only present until I unlock the phone, the screen turns on after I unlock it)?