Xiaomi Redmi Note 3(mtk) Vs. Letv / Oneplus / Doogee...

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    Sorry everyone.. this will be a quick one.

    Xiaomi RedMi Note 3(MTK)
    LeTV 1S / Oneplus One / Doogee X6

    Images speak for them selfs:


    NOW.... here is the plot twist :)

    Despite the fact that RedMi Note 3 got a lower score.

    Running on MIUI OS is HUGE ADVANTAGE.
    Already the test Letv 1s is flashed several times and it got HUGE software issues.

    *Running: xiaomi.eu at the time of the test
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    and since we are comparing :)

    here are my

    RedMi Note 2 VS. RedMi Note 3
    shots :)


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