New Xperia S Lockscreen SMS notification shows only one contact always

Sep 15, 2013

I am using latest 3.9.13 on my Xperia S.
I have observed a problem that when an unread SMS is there, the lockscreen notification shows a same contact name always.
Even though the sms senders are different, it always shows one name from my contact list.

e.g: If there are two sms waiting, than the lockscreen looks:

Anant : Message from bank.....something...
Anant : Message from Collage something......

Where 'Anant' is one of the contacts in my list & he is not the sender of either of these two sms.
Please suggest if there is any solution available for this.

PS : Using your roms since early V5. They are awesome. Thanks for providing an awesome replacement, for stock firmwares, as much lighter & efficient software.