In Progress Xperia X10 TripNMiUi v2.3.5 facebook problem


May 27, 2012
facebook sync problem make my phone keep restart, anyone help? :(
another bug... when i open facebook apps, auto reboot ! hlp pls:(
Logcat of the crash?

Keep adb logcat > log.txt running. Go trigger the crash / reboot.

Then hit CTRL C to stop the log. Upload the log.txt to pastebin
you could download terminal emulator and type "logcat -c" first to clear the logcat

then trigger the crash then type "logcat -d > /sdcard/log.txt" then upload the file or paste it in

if crashing result to a reboot, kindly follow iBotPeaches' method (pc needed)

EDIT: re-read your post, kindly follow iBotPeaches' method
i already download tht terminal emulator, an i follow ur steps type "logcat c"
tht there is many word running, not clearing
can make step by step teaching?
cuz i really don't know about what are u all teaching me
anyways thx for helping
or try to make a clear step -by -step turtorial
you can also share some videos :)
its "logcat -c", anyway try typing "logcat -d" in terminal after the crash without clearing is also ok, but longer.
means i keep runing the terminal, thn go make the crash
thn after reboot, go to terminal and type "logcat -d" ?
wait. if you're having reboots. use a pc/computer with adb commands.

first. you need to have drivers for your mobile phone.
second download and install android sdk. here ->
third start cmd (run as administrator)

fourth, type "cd <install location of sdk>/platform-tools"
fifth, "adb logcat > logcat.txt"

run the crash. then press control+ c to stop the logcat, when the system has booted.

copy contents of logcat.txt (located at <install location of sdk>/platform-tools/logcat.txt) to
i type "cd <C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\android-sdk-windows>/platform-tools"
it said " denied "