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    What waterproof cover case for Xiaomi Mi 8?

    Hello. I would like to buy a waterproof cover case for my Xiaomi Mi 8. I there any good option? I want for swimming and snorkeling at most at 3 meters deep. I don't mind if it's specifically made for the Mi8 or for any other phone with similar dimensions and button location. I just need...
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    What to do after beta end?

    Will that block the phone because of the anti-rollback protection?
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    New New text stops appearing on the screen while writing it.

    So do you think it's just a Chrome problem? Or it happens with any app on MIUI?
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    New New text stops appearing on the screen while writing it.

    Quite often, I find myself typing text on any forum and suddenly no newer text appears. I mean I can still view the text I typed before but it's not updated with the new one. In order to be able to type again I need to exit the keyboard mode and reopen it. Does anyone have the same problem? I...
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    How to browse all images on my phone from the computer?

    Sometimes I connect my Mi8 phone to the computer (Windows 10, through USB) to browse the pictures I have shot and decide which ones to move the computer. But when I open one of the pictures with any Windows image viewer the program is only aware of that picture, I'm unable to scroll to the next...
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    Will my Mi8 phone use the same bands if using this ROM?
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    How to connect my Mi8 to an external screen?

    Oh, I'm disappointed. I have also noticed its USB port is extremely slow compared, it's not 3.1, not even 3.0.
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    How to connect my Mi8 to an external screen?

    Hello. I have a USB-C to HDMI conector. I use it to connect my laptop to my TV. I've also tried to use it with my Mi8 phone but the TV doesn't detect anything. What settings do I need to modify on the phone (with Do I need any special app? Play Store seems to have several apps...
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    9.8.29/9.9.3/9.9.6 - Last MIUI 10

    Magisk and AdAway.
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    9.8.29/9.9.3/9.9.6 - Last MIUI 10

    With this ROM every few days I need to reboot my Mi8 because the screen is complely black and unresponsive.
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    Hello. Where is the option to change the PIN number? I would like to remove it but I can't find any PIN nor SIM lock option.
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    Hello What's the difference between twrp_platina_9-test.img and I need to install the latest TWRP version on my Mi 8 Lite.
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    Preventing my apps from using data?

    OK, thanks. Before reading your answer I installed Glasswire, that monitors data traffic and tells you how much is used by each app, if I can't solve the problem I'll try Netguard. I've just started to use it but I've seen that even the gmail app (I have 5 accounts) use a non-negligible amount...
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    Preventing my apps from using data?

    Strangely all options there are OK, and apps say they haven't used data but my phone provider has charged me as if I had used 4GB.
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    Preventing my apps from using data?

    Hello. Since a few weeks ago some app on the mobile is wasting my 4G data, and I have to pay for it. Maybe is some kind of automatic update. How can I prevent this problem and allow the apps to use the Internet only when connected through the WiFi?