1. R

    No space left on device flashing ROM

    Hi, yesterday I tried to flash ROM on my MI9T (davinci); coming from PE12. When I typed adb push ROM /sdcard adb said that there was no space left on device to push it. The ROM's size is 2.99GB. I wrote df -h on TWRP's terminal, and it turned out that rootfs is only 2.6GB. How can I...
  2. P

    Read/Write Filesystem and root on Xiaomi Mi 11.

    Hi everyone, My name is Pavel. I am new to the forums. I apologize if I am asking in the wrong place. Could you direct me to the right place if I am. I am doing research on Mobile hardware. I am looking to buy Xiaomi Mi 11 global version (I am in Canada) and collect hardware performance...
  3. J


  4. claudio0222

    Xiaomi mi 8 se problems

    At the moment of wanting to go to the stable version of miui 11, it rebooted and I stayed on the fastboot screen, the black screen comes out when I want to use miflash or miflashpro, and when I try to use adb I get the following image what is the solution? has a solution? :( thank you very much
  5. DBdesmo

    My Experience In Bootloader Unlocking

    Dear all, I would like to share with you my experience in unloking bootloader process after nougat update. I applied for the unlock authorization at least 1 year ago and I recieved the approval SMS after becoming a diamond member and after 1 month from the request. I unlocked many redmi note 3...
  6. rgxci

    Video Tutorial For Upgrading Rom?

    Hello, is there anywhere on Youtube/etc. a good and detailed Video how to upgrade for example from Xiaomi Global to custom ROM? I did it last time 9 months ago, and I have no idea how I solved it from the beginning till the end. Because you always need a new/old ADB, new recovery...
  7. P

    How To Enable Qualcomm Diagnostics Port To Add Lte B20

    Hello, I own a Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime on the 6.12.1 Build. I was interested in enable the B20 band since it is disabled by default and can be done on the device, people on forums have already done it. The problem is that to do that I need to enable the Qualcomm Diagnostics...
  8. S

    Rn2 Miui 8 And "adb Root"

    Hi, Can anyone check if adb root works on RN2 MIUI8? I installed the adb drivers that came with PDA NET and adb works OK. If I do adb devices I get my device, adb shell works. However as soon as I try "adb root" (or adb kill-server, adb root) the device is not listed anymore. After that adb...
  9. 3

    Mi Pad 2 Fastboot Does Not Work, Can't Install Twrp

    Hello, I am having a problem with my Mi Pad 2 that, at least I think so, is unique. I bought the mipad 2 a while ago with Android and 64GB. Unfortunately they sent me the one with Windows 10. I didn´t like that. I sat at my computer for about 10 hours trying to install MIUI on the mi...
  10. D

    Flash Mi5, Disable Bootstrap, Install Twrp Via Adb & Make Miui "more Marshmallowy"

    To those of you who have purchased their mi5's, congratulations. We truly have a revolutionary phone. However, Android has decided that with their newer versions coming out, all secondary ROM producers must adhere to a counterfeit detection system. Enter the bootstrap loader. After a bit of...