1. A

    Battery Drain On Standby Mode Mi5s

    hi, i installed the latest dev. rom 7.1.12 on my Mi5S and i think battery drain is quite high in standby mode. does anyone else observe this? would it help maybe to install greenify oder doze or something else? Or what can i do to save battery when i dont use the phone?
  2. K

    Battery Cover Replacement

    Hello Unfortunately I have to change the battery cover (back cover) of my wife's mi4s. Is there any easy way to take out the fingerprint sensor and move it to the new cover? Is there any tutorial how to do it? Thanks for any help :)
  3. N

    Xiaomi Mi 5s Battery Issue

    Hi! I have recently bought a xiaomi mi 5s and I think I have some battery issues. On a normal day, the battery gets discharged in about 12 hours and actually I don't use the phone so much. I mean, just for messaging and listen to music (some time). Is it normal? I have to say the phone has a...
  4. D

    Redmi 3s Crashes Every Few Minutes

    Dear people, I'v a black Redmi 3S. The phone crashes every few minutes. When the screen automatically goes black sometimes it stays black. And it doesn't respond when I push one of the buttons. It only turns on when I press the power button and one of the volume buttons. So it only starts in...
  5. I

    Mi4c Battery Life

    Well after almost a year with Xiaomi mi4c I'm can say that my battery is dead. If at the beginning one charge could hold a day and a half today i need to recharge my phone 2-3 times a day... To continue to use my phone i need your help - where can i buy original replacement battery? I don't...
  6. ilkertr

    Battery Score?

    your phone note 3 pro? do you test and tell us your battery score? Download battery antutu tester:
  7. F

    Mi3 Battery Heating Issue?

    Hi guys, I'm using miui 8 from a couple of weeks now and I noticed my mi3 gets hot very often and very fast. Right now battery temp is at 50°C under charge, but it gets hot also when I watch some YouTube videos or listen to music using Spotify. I rarely play games. Gps is always off, I turn it...
  8. monkeytree

    Poor Battery Life Rmn3 Mtk On Eu Rom

    I installed a stable EU ROM (V7.5.1.0.LHNCNDE_v7-5.0) on my RMN3 MTK Hennessy. After that battery life became pretty bad. On the Chinese stock ROM the phone lasted two days on a charge easily , now it is less than one day. Anybody got a solution for this problem?
  9. M

    Xiaomi Mi4 Battery Dropped Down Very Fast

    Hi. I have mobile MI 4 for 1/2 year. My mobile me fall down on the floor and since this time i have battery become unstable. If i do nothing, battery capacity is ok.. Battery me dropped in few minutes about 15% and mobil was hot. In during playing game battery dropped about 1%, but after playing...
  10. mtsrts

    Battery Drain On Wifi (+30% Overnight)

    Hello, I experience a massive battery drain on my Mi5 with Stable installed. More than 30% overnight with no active use at all... This first happened after updating from an earlier stable ROM, but after a clean install the problem still occurs. I've not looked very further...
  11. wolfanger

    Huge Battery-savings With Qualcomm´s Mpdecision For Qualcomm Devices
  12. omnid

    New Post Miui 8 Intallation - Xiaomi Mi4

    Hi guys, after miui 8 upgrade (still on 6.6.23) these are my annoying bugs: sporadic random phone restarts (Wi-fi on/off, umts on/off, chargin/not chargin) Battery flies like a bird (With everything turned off) over heats with screen off and apps closed, not chargin bluetooth button with big...
  13. T

    Shutdown At 20%

    Hello, I am currently on the last Miui 7 weekly, but I had the same problem with previous versions. For weeks now my mi4c shuts down randomly at around 20%. Sometimes I am able to boot it up for some seconds, just to see the battery is at 1%. After some moments of charging it is at...
  14. X

    Mi2s Randomly Shuts Down.

    Hi guys, Since one month my Xiaomi Mi2s keeps shutting down. First, it only shut down at a battery level <10%. Then it shut down when only using apps, like camera. Now it shuts down immediately after booting. I thought it was a battery problem so I ordered a new battery, but that didn't solve...
  15. H

    New Power Saving Mode

    since Miui V8 the 'standard' power saving mode under 'manage apps' battery usage' is missing. This very helpful battery saving option was present in all previous V7 Versions and disappeared since V8. Was there any reason not to implement it and can someone bring it back?
  16. K

    Battery Stats/battery Issues

    Hi Everyone, I've got a big problem with my mi4c mobile. After battery reaches ~20-15% device randomly turn off and doesn't turn on again (battery is completely drained). When I connect it to the charger it shows 0% and after few seconds 25% (or 23%, or 21%, etc.) and it is charging since that...
  17. J

    Battery Drain On Redmi3pro

    My phone is always in awake, what should i do? i have original chinese miui.