Alarm App does not work on my Xiaomi 11T Pro


Nov 15, 2022
Hello everyone,

I recently bought a Xiaomi 11T Pro, no issues whatsoever with it besides that the app I use for my morning alarm called "Earphone Alarm" simply does not work in the morning.. Let me explain.

I live with my brother and I need to wake up 2 hours before he does, and having only one bedroom where we both sleep in, I found this app that plays the alarm only through earphones rather than speakers. And it worked perfectly with my previous phone, a Samsung S9. I was able to wake up with this alarm through my earphones without waking my brother up.

With my Xiaomi 11T Pro this is not working somehow. I mean, if I set the alarm during the day and I am using the phone, the app works, but somehow if the phone stays idle or unused, during the night for example, the app wont work. I assume it's some sort of battery saver option. But if so I'd like to know how to remove it, at least for this application.

Thanks in advance!