camera app

  1. M

    Save Camera settings

    Hi Is it possible to configure the camera app to default open to Slowmotion/120fps? I check the option Save Previous camera mode, but it doesn't set all the parameters. As an alternative, is it possible to create a widget/shortcut to have the same behavior? Thanks
  2. iYannos

    Mi 9SE camera doesnt work

    When i open the camera i get a camera error couldnt connect to camera. Im running latest stable rom. Ive tried clearing cache and data and some other things
  3. GregSmack

    Mi 10 Ultra camera problems

    Hey there, So I got my 10 ultra a week ago and I love it. But when I use the camera app I have some problems. - when in video mode, 5x periscope lens won't shoot in 4k60. That's a bummer, but the sensor probably is not capable for that I thought. But it can shoot in 4k30 so i thought okay I...
  4. C

    Camera differences

    Hello! I have a Xiaomi Mi 9 SE, and I would like to know what are the differences between the original miui rom camera, and the rom camera. I ask because this site says that the camera has extra features, or something like that. Thank you!
  5. D

    Camera app continuous shoot

    It would be great if default camera app could get continuous shooting every 3 or 5 seconds. I am not sure if this is the right place to ask for it. Thank you
  6. H

    New MIUI 12.0 20.4.30 Mİ 8 SE Camera and Call Screen Error

    When i don't install modem file in turkey phone cant see the sim card but when i install this time sim card works but proximity sensor does not work so the portrait mode on camera goes green and don't work and call screen not blackout when i lean to my ear and my face and ear click randomly to...
  7. L

    Upgrading to MIUI 12

    Good Morning. I wanted to tell you about my experience after, updating Miui12 with the official ROM of the forum. First, tell them that the update in twrp does not show any failure, but when starting the mobile, it takes approximately 15 min, they must let it start correctly or they will have...
  8. lucasdelion

    New Mi 9 Camera App - Corrupted Metadata

    Hello, I use a Xiaomi Mi 9, with MIUI 11 v11.0.5.0QFACNXM (stable) Camera App: 3.0. I had this error before while using the Global Rom (and mistakenly posted here) but now the same problems returns so I'm back to the only place I think I could solve it. The error: My Photo APP is corrupting...
  9. idavidka

    Mi Home Security 360 1080p cannot see NAS

    Hi, I have 3 Mi Home Security 360 1080p cameras and a Sagemcom F@st 3890V3. The day before I got this Sagemcom router I had a F@st 3686AC modem and NAS worked. With this new router the. NAS is working on smb v3 protocol and I think this is why the cameras cannot see my NAS, I think they use smb...
  10. T

    New 20.3.5 Redmi Note 7 EIS not working

    EIS Not working on video after updating to 20.3.5
  11. K

    New Xiaomi Mi 9T Camera problem (Video and Slow motion mode)

    The camera app crashes when I'm selecting the Video or Slow Motion mode. My phone is running MIUI 11 (based on Android Pie). I enable location, still no luck. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  12. U

    Invalid camera mi8lite

    Hi! i just installed 9.12.5 on my mi 8 lite and i have been having problems with stock camera and *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum*. They don't work anymore even like messenger's camera or whatsapp's. After i flashed 9.12.5 re-installed magisk like usual ( it has the HAL3 and camera2api enabler modules ) the cameras...
  13. M

    New MIUI 11 9.9.26 something wrong with animations and any media stuff

    There us something wrong with animations, it's like we are missing GPU drivers!! Open photo or closing photo Recent apps are open hardly
  14. S

    New 9.8.29 Mi Note 2 Camera App problem

    Camera starts slowly. Very slowly. Over 10 sec. And so switches to frontal and back. Face unlock is very problem, even dysfunctional Its need to fix
  15. tomato33

    New Redmi Note 5 Pro (whyred) Camera time stamp not working

    Dear! Time stamp is not working on your roms in camera app since april. It only works in SQUARE camera mode, in photo mode only watermark is working, no time stamp on photos. Can you fix this? Have tried resetting the app, delete cache and everything but it is only working in square...
  16. L Camera app as a stand-alone app?

    Hi! I really like the features and results of the camera app that comes as a part of the ROM (BETA branch). Is there any chance to find the camera app as a stand-alone app (APK file?) for the Mi 9? I am testing a Mi 9 at the moment because of the annoying 4G/LTE issue that I have with...
  17. Andrea82


    Hi all, i have upgraded my Xiaomi MI MIX from miui 9 to 10, from 8.3.26 developer to 8.8.9 developer using twrp-3.2.1-raupe-blunden. Now is impossible make focused photo. i can't set focus by clicking the touch. any suggestion? thanks a lot Andrea
  18. M

    MI Note 3 Jason Camera start after 20s

    Hi dear, after installing few roms apper a problem on all roms: when I want to start camera app (original one), it stocks ant I need to wait about 20sec to make a photo, the same if I want to switch to front camera - 20 sec. I tried hard reset, format and everything what I can do with TWRP...
  19. K

    New Camera App Playing Up

    Hi, I've found that recently, my stock camera app sometime plays up. It often starts and the controls load, but it shows no image and then says that the app is no longer working, and gives me the option to wait or to close it. Waiting often does nothing. I have to try opening it a few times, and...
  20. P

    New Camera Focus

    Hi guys, I´ve had my xiaomi mi6 for 3 months now, and after cca 1 month my camere started having difficulties focusing. It progressed over time so that now my back camera is basically useless, cause all the pictures are blurry. The only difference is when I use portrait mode/ or when I try to...