1. T

    Any method to get Camer2 Api on Oreo?

    Hello guys. I have a Mi note3, and i want to use some 3rd party camera apps (like FilmicPro, Manual camera, *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum*...) Back on 7.1 there was a possibility to activate, and use the power of Camera2 Api. Now, i'm on Oreo (weekly) and this rom does not contain the Camera2 Api. :( Libs are missing...
  2. J

    Camera quality lower than rom Global

    I tested and compared the camera with the Global version 9.6.2. The camera in the global rom has proven superior, and the improvement in low light works right, unlike the that seems to stay connected constantly making them blurry, both day and night, stable is the same thing...
  3. J

    Photo in low quality and enhancement in low light constantly on

    For some time now I have noticed that the "Enhance photos in low light automatically" feature, once activated, modifies like photos during the day or any other lighting condition, but this has not always been the case. Should not the effect be automated only in low-light environments? This is...
  4. pi4a7a

    New Mix 2S Camera Noise AGAIN 8.8.3

    Photos have grain and noise in the corners even in 100 ISO (Stock camera app) This is something a cheap $50 phone will have. I don't know what camera improvements you did but they are awful. Had the same issue on Mi6, no one bet and eye. Hopefully someone will on this high-end flagship...
  5. B

    Any changes about camera between xiaomi eu rom vs miui developer rom for redmi note 5 ai?

    Hello bro and sis. I would like to change from miui 10 china dev rom to xiaomi eu rom because I want to have more functions in camera. Redmi note 5 only come with two options in camera manual mode, but I want to take low expoure photos. Thanks.
  6. I

    When we can expect 1080p 60fps for Mi5s!!!! (((

    When we can expect 1080p 60fps for Mi5s?????
  7. S

    Aqara Hub IP Camera night vision (infrared) sensitivity

    hi Guys, i have the new Aqara HUB IP Camera, it's perfect and awesome but just one thing that is missing, the adjustment of the light sensor. what happen now that it's switching to night vision if my living room light is off but once i'm turning on the tv and there is bright background it's...
  8. Ko Wunna

    Front camera portrait mode working in MIUI 10 v8.7.17.

    Front camera portrait mode is working in latest beta v8. 7.17.
  9. P

    New Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Dual camera not working

    I discovered a bug on 8.7.12. Our Mix 2S has a second camera that is an optic zoom 2x. On chinese MIUI 9 when i press on 2x on the camera the main camera is deactived and the secondary actived. On 8.7.12 instead the main camera remain active also pressing on 2x or manually zoom. I tested...
  10. J

    I Want To Downgrade To Nougat

    I installed 8.3.8 Oreo last weak, and besides some lag here and there, I like the ROM. The problem is that portrait mode in front cam on PixelCameraMod doesn't work, and that's a deal breaker for me. Is there a way of making the portrait mode mork, or to downgrade to Nougat? I would...
  11. J

    How To Install *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* On A Weekly Rom

    How to install *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* on a weekly firmware 9.6 from 8.3.8? After installation, I have an error, portrait mode does not work On the global I installed this instruction: and I had everything working on my phone sorry for google translator
  12. OlivierFr

    Aqara Smart Ip Camera Streaming

    Hi, I just received my new Aqara Smart IP Camera Linkage Alarm 1080P HD camera and am excited to start playing with it. However, I can't find any documentation on how to get the video of the camera and so, I can't integrate it with my home automation system :/ Does anyone have information about...
  13. Arguuo

    New Camera App Crashes When Settings Have Been Changed

    Default Camera app is working properly when I don't touch the photo settings (inside the camera app on the top right), but if I change the photo settings (as the contrast, color saturation and the sharpness setting) the app FC each time I'm taking a picture. Phone : MIX 2 Version : 9.3 - 8.1.18...
  14. Z

    New Camera Shutter Sound Even Though In Silent Mode

    I had this problem from the start when I was first using my xiaomi mi4, then switch to mi4c and now using mi max 2. All of them have this same issues where the camera shutter still makes a click sound when taking pictures in Whatsapp & Instagram even though my phone is in silent mode. I have...
  15. G

    Can't Open Camera Plugin: Xiaomi Mijia Dafang Home 1080p Hd

    Hi, After some tries, I managed to connect my camera to MiHome. But when I click on it on the application, nothing appends even when I click on the shortcut it opens MiHome about 2 seconds and quit the application instantly. It looks like the camera plugin isn't working.... Just for you now...
  16. P

    New Camera Focus

    Hi guys, I´ve had my xiaomi mi6 for 3 months now, and after cca 1 month my camere started having difficulties focusing. It progressed over time so that now my back camera is basically useless, cause all the pictures are blurry. The only difference is when I use portrait mode/ or when I try to...
  17. PooLee

    Messenger Lite - Camera Button Isn't Working

    Hello there :D I have to say that Messenger Lite is awesome alternative to his bloated brother. The same goes for The only thing I miss is..... quick photo make'n'send :p This button should open up your favourite camera app. When I was using MIU8 Global Dev, things worked flawlessly...
  18. K

    New Mi6 7.9.14 Some Bugs

    Xiaomi Mi6 7.9.14 1) Battery drain while camera app launched in background. 2) Slightly different vibrate power in default/silent modes. 3) Camera ois is not working in zoom ( works only in x1.0 and manual mode)
  19. Colinovsky

    New Hdr And Slow-motion Doesn't Work

    Hello, I have the newest, 7.2.20 MIUI version on my Redmi 4X, and I have some problem with HDR and Slow-Motion when I'm trying to record videos by pre-installed system App. The problem is, that if i turn on camera (pre-installed system App of course) and I switch to record videos, I can press...
  20. D

    New Panoramic Not Work Mi5s

    When I'm going to do a panoramic photo this error appears constantly and I can not do it *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** Build fingerprint: 'Xiaomi/capricorn/capricorn:6.0.1/MXB48T/V8.2.4.0.MAGCNDL:user/release-keys' Revision: '0' ABI: 'arm64' pid: 8755, tid...