1. V

    Invalid SMS and contacts returning sql error

    Hi all! I recently installed ROM to my Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite (gauguin), everything seems to be fine, except the SMS and contacts app. When I open the stock Xiaomi Messages app, it instantly crashes, and the contacts app doesn't do anything, i have no option to add contacts. The error...
  2. O

    New No contacts in the dialer app

    It's been several Months I have this problem. Only restarting the phone helps. I have tried to clear all the data of the dialer app but this is not working.
  3. SAngeli

    Mi 8 - MIUI12 - Contacts address field issue

    Hi, I have a Huawei Tablet, a Xiaomi Mi 8 smrtphone and Microsoft Outlook. I sink all my contacts via Gmail. Lately, I noticed that someone is changing the way I have contat’s address recorded. Here is an example to better explain. The correct way for me I record an address on Outlook is this...
  4. N

    Contact import/export gives error "no sd card was found" [V12.0.1.0.QCXMIXM]

    Hey there! I am running the latest version on my Note 8T. When trying to import or export contacts via the contacts app from and to storage, I however get the error "no sd card was found". For the rest I can access the internal memory of my device without issues. Has anyone an idea what the...
  5. X

    New Data contact has been deleted when turn on and off super power saving

    My phone is redmi 6 pro. Use version Miui 12.0.1 Stable. when I turn it on and then turn off super power save mode I check my contacts and don't have any numbers left. My contact save in google account. Pls fix bug
  6. K

    Xiaomi Note 9 | MIUI Global 11.0.1 | Google Apps (Dealer, Adressbook)

    Hello, community. I have a problem with the newly purchased Xiaomi Note 9 and the current MIUI. I don't use Google and my calendar, contacts and email only works with Microsoft Outlook "", "". After buying the device I had to realize painfully that it is not possible to...
  7. Tomelis

    Problems: Battery Drain Fast, MIUI (Google) Dialer, Contacts. (Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro) How to fix?

    Dear Xiaomi users, I have changed my old Xiaomi mobile to the new one Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro everything would be great – specs. and everything else. I really like many products of Xiaomi company, but I wouldn't even have thought I'd have so much troubles with my new Mi 9T Pro. There is some very...
  8. andrzejfashion

    Eyecon as default dialer - not working

    Hello, Huge request for help: how - effectively! - change the default application for making calls. I have Eyecon set as the default application (as in the screenshot), I click the icon, it's ok, but the system phone is still on. In the case of incoming calls, the system phone application is...
  9. J

    New Contact birthday date shows the wrong date (1 day earlier)

    In the Contacts app, if I add a birthday for a contact without the year, the birthday displays as the day before the day I entered. For example: I enter January 2 as the birthday. After I save the change, the birthday displayed reads January 1st. Similarly, if I enter January 1, the...
  10. V

    New [hmpro][7.12.14] Rom. Redmi Pro (hmpro, Omega) Contacts App Bugs

    I'm owned a Redmi Pro 3x64 and has a two bugs on it. Since a 7.12.14 ROM - Lockscreen shows an unlock pattern and not a lockscreen wallpaper when the screen is turned on. Since a 7.12.7 ROM - bug in a Contacts app. Contackts with an assigned photo cannot be opened or edited. If a contact's...
  11. Jachtaas

    New Email Contacts Flicker And Are Incomplete

    Device: mi5s 128gb Version: 7.1.20 Beta by When I use the email app of miui it gets buggy when you try to use contacts. If you click on contacts in the email program than it is flickering (visible to non visible with intervals of half a second). Also not all your contacts are...
  12. U

    New In Contacts Is No Showing Telephone Numbers

    After update to 6.12.15, in Contacts, in any person, no showing the telephone number. What is the cause?
  13. V

    How To Delete Emails From Contact List - Show Only Phone Numers?

    Hi I have redmi 3s with Android 6.0.1, and MIUI version, and I have problem with contacts list. On contact list I have 2 options: 1. Last - this is list with last calls 2. Contacts - this is list with phone numbers ( 85 contact number now ) - on right side is alphabet, where I can...
  14. E

    New Mi5 64gb, Only Numbers No Names Call Screen.

    Mi5 64gb atm 6.4.4 miui8 ive had this problem since i was on miui 7 stable. been using rom since the first one for mi5. when someone calls me or i call someone, the name of the contact does not show in the call screen. only number appears. call log is fine, messaging is fine. ive...