1. FurriousFox

    New [MARBLE] Bootloop after upgrading to HyperOS (logcat included)

    After upgrading my phone (marble) to HyperOS (OS1.0.2.0.UMRCNXM) it kept bootlooping forever, first taking a few minutes on the POCO logo and then a few minutes on the HYPEROS logo with the three animated dots at the bottom. I have tried flashing multiple times using fastboot (computer, windows...
  2. W

    New Google wallet notifications shortcut not working

    Hi, I've had this issue since I updated to HyperOS. When I pull down the notifications tab and go to the shortcuts, the google wallet icon is shown there, but when I click it nothing happens. The google wallet/pay apps are working fine. I have the "security module" (or whatever it's called)...
  3. M

    New Interconnectivity stopped working

    Hello, I have a 13 Pro and a Pad 5 Pro 12.4. Yesterday I installed the stable xiaomi.eu Harmony OS ROM with fastboot on the 13 Pro (beforehand I had xiaomi.eu miui 14). Current Version: The Pad 5 Pro has the original chinese ROM. Version: Yesterday I was stunned...
  4. Enyrox

    Share app button gone HyperOS

    Hello, I'm currently using HyperOS with Xiaomi.EU I was recently on and the share apk button was not missing when long pressing an app on the home screen but now it seems to be gone. Anyone knows why? How to put it back?
  5. Z

    Lithuanian language Hyper OS ROM

    Does the Hyper OS ROM (Stable and Weekly ROMs) have Lithuanian language support?
  6. Enyrox

    New Xiaomi 13 \sdcard Recovery empty

    Hey, I'm in the TWRP app and I want to update my phone but when I click on "install" to select my zip containing the new version and when I go into \sdcard nothing is shown. My storage appear as empty (0 MB) (I don't know if this is useful but the version seems to be...
  7. ntlkr

    Making system partition RW

    Does anyone know how to mount the /system partition as RW while booted into system on shennong? (currently on latest twrp and 24.1.29DEV firmware) The integrated option in twrp fails, as the partition format is not supported. The RO2RW module causes a softbrick. Tried to use DFS as...
  8. J

    New Xiaomi 12T Pro HyperOS Messenger Bug

    Xiaomi 12T Pro HyperOS Stable xiaomi.eu_multi_DITING_OS1.0.2.0.ULFCNXM_os1-14.zip Messenger Bubble is blank. There is one time, after exiting the blank bubble, it appeared again showing the conversation. But now I can't exit the bubble. It blocked my screen. It's very hard to remove it since...
  9. AsadP

    [Hyper OS / Poco F5] Eufy Security No Longer Working?

    I've updated to HyperOS from MIUI 14 on my POCO F5, with no issues found until now with just one app that I've tried to logcat. Eufy Security opens, but just has a blank page and nothing else happens, I've enabled ALL permissions in Settings for it. The app is Eufy Security for doorbell...
  10. O

    New HyperOS latest weekly rom (shennong) hold and swip on brightness bar in classic control center will vanish

    When I hold and swipe on the brightness bar, the bar vanish in about 0.5 second. This bug happens in unlock status, if in lock screen, the brightness bar functions, won't vanish.
  11. mnshawaty

    New Xiaomi Cloud App Crashing on (DITING) HyperOs

    I am encountering an ongoing issue with the Xiaomi Cloud app on my Xiaomi 12T Pro. The app is crashing even without being actively opened, indicating it's occurring while running in the background. Device Information: Model: Xiaomi 12T Pro Operating System: HyperOs Issue Description...
  12. Enyrox

    OTA update from MIUI to HyperOS

    Hello, I currently have a Xiaomi 13 with the latest stable version of MIUI 14 (xiaomi.eu) installed with TWRP. Will I have the HyperOS update available in my updater app? Will I lose my data by updating MIUI 14 to HyperOS?
  13. M

    Problem with Xiaomi 12T HYPEROS

    Hello. I've got a problem with my 12T, which you can see in attachment. The phone came back from the service center, where they replaced the display module. Phone freezes on lock screen. After a few restarts, the phone works fine again until it is blocked Video of that problem ...
  14. mnshawaty

    Resolved Xiaomi Notes App Sync Issue HyperOs (DITING) Stable

    Hi in DITING Device HyperOs Stable I hope this message finds you well. I would like to report a bug in the Xiaomi Notes app regarding synchronization with Xiaomi Cloud. The app seems to require internet permission, leading to a sync interruption with the following error message: "Sync...
  15. D

    Help: Rooting Xiaomi 13 Ultra (ishtar) on HyperOS

    Greetings everyone. Yesterday I was greeted with the update prompt even though my device has an unlocked bootrom (which is strange considering Xiaomi said it won't work on unlocked devices) but I did it anyway. Device works normally plafter the update but I obviously lost root access and TWRP...
  16. N

    HyperOS Official Release?

    Hello, I wanted to know if HyperOS will ever come officially from xiaomi as an update for the poco f4 gt like for the switch from mui 13 to miui 14? If it's already written somewhere im sorry im just knew to the rom community.
  17. mnshawaty

    Xiaomi 12T Pro (DITING) & HyperOs

    Hey fellow forum members, I hope you're all doing well. I recently thinking to upgrade my Xiaomi 12T Pro (DITING) to Android 14 using HyperOs, and I have a few questions that I'd like some guidance on. TWRP Recovery Compatibility: Before the upgrade, I was running Android 13 with TWRP...
  18. R

    New Hyper OS cannot switch between input methods (Mi14 pro)

    The input method switch button at the bottom of the virtual keyboard is missing, along with the clipboard button. Shown here in the official ROM: EU rom: xiaomi.eu_multi_SHENNONG_OS1. There is no associated settings to turn it on or off. Hyper OS cancelled the...
  19. X

    How does the updater app work with TWRP?

    Hi. I installed twrp-3.7.0_12-v8.2t1_A14-houji-skkk.img into a Xiaomi 14 (houji) device using the fastboot flash recovery_ab recovery.img command. Then, using TWRP I installed file xiaomi.eu_multi_HOUJI_OS1. Seeing there was an update I wanted to try the app updater...
  20. E

    DigiCal widgets can't be created on homescreen

    Hello, I'm using the latest HyperOS beta release for mondrian ( When I'm trying to create a widged there none from digical available on the list. All I'm getting is some app vault shortcuts, weather app ones, some clocks, and at the bottom a section with "Apps with widget...