Constant crash messages ( + more)


Sep 9, 2016
I tried to do a fresh install of the latest software (9.6.5) via TWRP.

I did wipe system, data, dalvik and cache, then flash the rom.

when booting i constantly get 3 crash messages: keeps stopping
android.process.acore keeps stopping
MTP Host keeps stopping
And a message Find Device has closed unexpectedly

The bug report says something like this:
android.database.sqlite.SQLiteCantOpenDatabaseException: unknown error (code 14 SQLITE_CANTOPEN).
Could not open database at android.database.sqlite.SQLiteConnection.nativeOpen(Native Method)
at Source:24)
Tat last line just keeps repeating with different Unknonw Sources (5, 3,7,6,0 etc)

When I click send report or cancel immediatly the next one comes up.
Sometimes I manage to get 1 touch before a new message pops up, but I'm struggling to get through the android installation sequence like this.

When I finally get to the login to mi account screen, it just gets stuck on "getting device safety info". Even after 8 hours it was still trying to log in.

How can I fix these crashes? I got backups of my data, so a full wipe/clean install is no problem.
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