1. K

    New GPS problem xiaomi.eu_multi_MI4s_V10.1.1.0.NAJCNFI_v10-7.0

    Hi, I updated my Xiaomi Mi 4s a few day ago to this version (xiaomi.eu_multi_MI4s_V10.1.1.0.NAJCNFI_v10-7.0). When I was trying to use the GPS I noticed it did not work properly. In my last version it worked perfectly. My phone takes around 20 - 40 minutes to find the signals from the...
  2. C

    New Apps Crashing And Running Slow 9.5.2 Mi4s

    Hello! I have been using miui 9.5.1 for a long time and apps like google maps, instagram or even whatsapp are running slow and even crashing sometimes, I decided to update to 9.5.2 to see if the apps would work fine but Im writing this right after testing it. And it works as bad as the last...
  3. C

    Stuck Trying To Flash Miui 9.5.2

    I have been waiting for a long time for a update since 9.5.1 because with this rom I had problems with google maps running really slow, and with other apps crashing for no reason and getting stuck and forcing to close. I realized (since i have no OTA I dont know why, because my phone is not...
  4. K

    Can't Replace Mi-recovery With Twrp

    Hey, I recently flashed the Chinese MIUI 9.2.2 on my MI4S. I unlocked the device through Xiaomi official app. Flashed the TWRP 3.0.3 for nougat but when I try to boot into recovery I still get the Xiaomi Chinese recovery tool. I tried that several times without success. What am I missing...
  5. S

    Mi 4s Update Problem

    Hello I bought my phone a year ago and it was MIUI by xiaomi.eu installed. Since i bought phone i don't have any MIUI updates. When i open update app it tells me that i have a stable version of MIUI and when i trying to update it app tells me that i have a latest version. Help me please...
  6. mrSAndy

    New 7.8.17 7.8.24 Mi Bluetooth Very Bad Audibility Of Music At Maximum Volume

    Hello, mi4s, in the headset Mi Bluetooth very bad audibility of music at maximum volume, this refers to the assemblies 7.8.24 and 7.8.17
  7. R

    New [problem Solved] Miui 7.7.20 Xiaomi Mi4s. Launcher Error Feature "scrolling Wallpaper"

    Hi, my name is rayyan, i want to share to you,how to solved problem in MIUI 7.7.20 "launcher support scrolling wallpaper does'n work" , step 1 make a gesture "zoom out" home screen, step 2 choice wallpaper, step 3 choice any thema or wallpaper you want. Finished
  8. isthevene

    Which Is Best Rom?

    Hi everybody :) my girlfriend has a mi4s and she was annoyed by the GPS that wasn't working so I decided to change rom... And here became the problems: battery drain, android.process.acore errors, WhatsApp/telegram not working in background, GPS still not working... I've tried 4 different roms...
  9. maurizio.ammannato

    How To Update From Stable Lajcndi To New Stable

    My MI4S has LAJCNDI ROM from your site. I've read procedure how to update to last stable ROM but sincerely it seems a bit too technical and complicate for me. Do you have some simple procedure which step by step can help me doing that? If I'll be able to update, after that, can I get...
  10. L

    Problems Updating "developer 7.5.11" From "stable".

    Good morning everyone, I wanted to ask you what happens to me when I upgrade from these ROMs. The problem I have is that I do not reproduce the sounds of notifications, the phone is muted and only vibrates. It happens to me with several applications like WhatsApp, and with the alarms and the...
  11. C

    Google Play Service Has Stop

    I just update my MI4S to miui 8 7.2.9 (Android version: 7.0 NRD90M)...but always appear error "Google Play Service has Stop" I already try many step to solve this matter...but i failed.. This matter so annoying....please help me.
  12. D

    No More Battery Drain In 7.2.9

  13. Alcatronic

    New Mi4s 7.2.9 Nougat Wifi Mac Address Resets After Every Restart

    Hey guys, on my wife's mi4s, since I installed Nougat the WiFi Mac Address resets every time her phone restarts. Please help! Thanks, Hendrik
  14. Alcatronic

    New Mi4s, Mi5s, 7.2.9, Dialer App Issue With Skype

    Dialer App stops working properly after installing third party phone apps like Skype on my Mi5s running 7.2.9. Steps to reproduce Two symptoms of same bug: 1. In the default Apps section (prefs --> all apps --> prefs), the standard dialer app is not in the list 2. When you dial a number in the...
  15. F

    Google Now Bugs Miui

    Hello, i have some problems with google now. I have a Mi4s with Miui from xiaomi.eu. First "ok google" recognizing doesn't works well. I gave all permission in security, put google app on autostart and choosed no limitation in background for that app (in battery setting). I set google...
  16. K

    Battery Cover Replacement

    Hello Unfortunately I have to change the battery cover (back cover) of my wife's mi4s. Is there any easy way to take out the fingerprint sensor and move it to the new cover? Is there any tutorial how to do it? Thanks for any help :)
  17. M

    Mi 4s External Sd Card

    I got and MI4S with external 64GB micros SD card. It works perfectly and I can move there a lot of photos, videos, songs, and navigation maps. Why XIAOMI doesn't belive to micro SD? Why I have to stay forever with MI4S, the only XIAOMI terminal with external micro SD? Have we to buy Huawey P9 to...
  18. S

    Stable V8.1.3.0.lajcndi (miui8)

    Please tell me when the stable version will V8.1.3.0.LAJCNDI (MIUI8) or if it is alreadythere where you can download, and then 8.1.2 does not work :( Thanks
  19. T

    Mi4s Can't Display Arabic Characters

    hello , I just got my new MI4S at my surpirse ,, it can't display arabic characters , in keyboard website apps .... is there a solution / please help.
  20. M

    How To Update Weekly Rom With Mi4s

    hi i am really new into this , but i really enjoy your work. I managed to update to xiaomi rom from your site the weekly one several weeks ago. Now i want to update but i cant update. The twrp gives a error. I downloadeed the new rom on my Phone but still error. Somebody some help? i got now...