Stuck Trying To Flash Miui 9.5.2


Feb 10, 2018
I have been waiting for a long time for a update since 9.5.1 because with this rom I had problems with google maps running really slow, and with other apps crashing for no reason and getting stuck and forcing to close.
I realized (since i have no OTA I dont know why, because my phone is not rooted) that there was a new version avaliable, 9.5.2. I tried flashing it via TWRP as always, and it gets stuck at the end of the loading bar, and i left it do his thing like 35 min. I tried flashing again 9.5.1 and it flashed properly, then tried again 9.5.2 and got stuck at the same point.
Its showing me lately an error message saying unable to mount storage in red letters, if that helps the cause. I really wanted to update but i guess I can't somehow

FIXED: Downloaded the 9.5.2 directly with my phone and worked, guess it was a problem with the previous download or the transfer with usb from my pc to my phone
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