1. S

    Xiaomi Mi5 Wifi Failure

    Hello, yesterday i recieved my new xiaomi mi5 and everything was working. a couple hours later i couldnt turn the wifi on i restarted the device, turned flight mode on/off, and even did a hard reset. Nothing worked out to solve the problem. now my question: is anyone having the same issue or did...
  2. K

    Miui 9 For Mi 5

    When the MIUI 9 will be released for Xiaomi MI5 here? Thanks in advance.
  3. LiranE

    How Can I Control The Built-in Permission Manager?

    Hello, I am using the last eu.miui on my Mi5. This OS unlike stock android is very strict and some apps features prevented to perform due to permission manager... Any best practices for workaround? No one else having no issued with no apps? Thanks,
  4. D

    Mi5: Stable Or Weekly?

    Hi, i have a Xiaomi Mi5 with MIUI Stable. Should i update from Stable to Weekly? And can i do this without losing data and root?
  5. pi4a7a

    New [mi5]4k Video Recording Appears Zoomed

    In every eu rom i've been the bug is everywhere When recording 4k the image looks digitally zoomed... Not good
  6. D

    Mi 5 Video Quality - Any Updates Simce Original Release?

    hello, was there any software / os update to video quality for mi5 since the phone was originally launched? considering buying this one, but all the reviews based on original os / software with which the phone was launched were stating that despite great hardware, the quality of video and...
  7. QMatteoQ

    Xiaomi.eu Rom On Mi5 And Gps

    Hello, I have a Mi5 and, if I really like the device from a hardware and user interface point of view, I'm really disappointed on how Xiaomi is treating it, since the official latest Global Stable ROM ( which introduced Android 7, brought tons of problems and the most severe for me is...
  8. M

    Phone Bricked After Enabling Encryption

    Hello, :) I come today you ask for help, indeed as indicated in the title my phone is turned into brick after I wanted to activate the data encryption ... - I can not turn it on - I had a lot of trouble to go into my recovery TWRP and go into fastboot mode (besides I can not go there) - When I...
  9. D

    Whatsapp Won't Open Anymore

    Hey guys i have a Xiaomi Mi5 with Xiaomi.eu Stable (rooted) Whatsapp used to work fine but now it won't open anymore! keeps crashing... i don't know why... i tried to unistall it and install it again and it worked but after some minutes same problem... What should i do? P.S. i'm using an...
  10. H

    Mi5 Prime Permanent Bootloop, Please Help

    Hi, My Mi5 was running on xiaomi.eu 7.3.23 Rom. It restarted itself and then stuck on bootloop. Device is unlocked and I can enter Fastboot, TWRP or EDL mode. I tried Official Dev/Stable roms and Xiaomi.eu Dev/Stable roms. I flashed via usb otg, twrp, adb sideload and miflash. Nothing changed...
  11. Duarted

    Mi5 - Slow Download/upload Speed!

    Hello! I just bought the Mi5 and the first thing I noticed is that the download and upload speed is VERY SLOW. For example when I download something from the Playstore the download speed is usually 300 kb/s, I can see it going up to almost 2MB/s but only for a brief moment then it goes back to...
  12. R

    Migrate From Gs Android 6 To Xiaomi.eu 8.2 Android 7

    Hello, I am quite new to the matter and I want to flash stable Xiaomi.eu to my unlocked Mi5. Now I found, that in your weekly rom releases thread: How to update MI5 to Android 7.0 from Android 6.0: - Install LATEST Android 6.0 release for MI5 6.11.10 - Install TWRP or ZCX - Reboot to...
  13. J

    Notifications On Lockscreen

    Hey there, i'm a new Xiaomi user. I got a mi5 a week ago, and i've been using it without any problem. The thing is, I cant see my notifications on my lockscreen. I see them in the status bar, but, is there a way of having them displayed ON the lockscreen? What am i missing? Also, 7.5.4 installed.
  14. D

    New Gapps Not Working

    Help! My Gapps (play store, gmail, youtube...) are not working anymore! I have a rooted xiaomi mi5 (xiaomi.eu stable) It appears a message that say i don't have internet acces but other apps work fine :(
  15. LaurentiuCTN

    Clean Install Custom Rom On Xiaomi Mi5

    Hello, I want to do a clean install of a xiaomi.eu ROM. Which are the methods to do a clean and fresh install? And which version of MIUI you recommend? PS: I want to clean all files in phone (every single file). I want my phone to be cleaned like it has left the factory before I install a new...
  16. rubenspaiva

    How Install Android 7.0?

    Hi guys! In the official post has it saying: How to update MI5 to Android 7.0 from Android 6.0: - Install LATEST Android 6.0 release for MI5 6.11.10 - Install TWRP or ZCX - Reboot to new TWRP - Install Android 7.0 release - Reboot - Never wipe /system partition manually! - Done - In...
  17. LiranE

    New Car Bt Control Issues

    When Contacting BT to my Car I have less capabilities than I was with a STOCK android (on the same device) Here are a few issues: 1. Can't answer via car wheel or audio Touch Panel buttons. 2. Can't dial from JVC (although contacts do sync) 3. "OK Google" not able to unlock the device. I have...
  18. M

    New Mi Remote App Bug

    Phone: Mi 5 Version: beta 7.4.14 When I try to set up set top box, country automatically is Poland and I am unable to change it.
  19. D

    [rom] Tried To Update For Miui8

    My phone wont turn on after update miui 8. I updated from MIUI 7 to MIUI 8. I unlocked the boatloader Please Help
  20. Z


    when will they release the stable 8.2.2 version