1. mtsrts

    Battery Drain On Wifi (+30% Overnight)

    Hello, I experience a massive battery drain on my Mi5 with Stable installed. More than 30% overnight with no active use at all... This first happened after updating from an earlier stable xiaomi.eu ROM, but after a clean install the problem still occurs. I've not looked very further...
  2. X

    Experience With Xiaomi Mi5s 4g In Europe

    Hi guys! Anyone having experience with a Xiaomi Mi5 and 4G in the Netherlands or Europe? Is it compatible with 800 MHz frequencies? I can't really figure it out. Thanks! Richard
  3. K

    New Mi5 Back Button Not Working

    Hi I need some help. I got a Mi5 a few weeks ago, and right now I'm running MiUi 8 6.7.14 My back button is not working at all, it worked fine for the first two days but now it does nothing when I press it. The only way to make it work is plugging an usb charger. Can i fix that with software...
  4. V

    Mi 5 Brick After Xiaomi Eu Rom Flash

    Hi, yesterday I unlock the bootloader of mi xiaomi mi 5, next I flash a xiaomi eu rom with MIflash, the program start normally but in the 7 second give an error, the mi 5 turn off and now not power on, I plug to charge all the night and this morning it have a blink red light, 6 hours later...
  5. M

    New [major Issue] Sensors Not Working

    I just bought a Mi5 Pro, i unlocked the bootloader and flashed last developer xiaomi eu rom (6.6.30). Now, no sensor is working but fingerprint one, but I don't know if the problem was present before I flashed the rom. I noticed that screen doesn't rotate when I activate the apposit toggle and...
  6. K

    New Blurr Notification And Recent App And Search App Like Miui7

    Hii Is it possible to have blurr guassin effects in notification panel, search app and recent app like miui7 in miui8 This is the only reason making miui 8 very ugly Please dev a humble request to keep this option in atleast xiaomi.eu roms. This will force tons of user to use miui made by...
  7. michael825

    [mi5 Bricked] I Bricked My New Mi5 With Miui8

    Hello my friends, i bricked my Mi5. Current status: No response from the smartphone. No LED, no reaction on button pressure. No fastboot mode, nothing.... The computer recognizes it as ''Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008'' MiFlash says: COM10 - class not registered (0x80040154) What happened: I...
  8. K

    Unable To Install Dev Rom

    Hey guys, as the title says I'm unable to even update the device into the DEV rom. I've bought the MI5 PRO on alegrecompra (dot) com and they managed to install the global multilanguage, so right now this is the MIUI version that I have: MIUI GLobal 7.3 | Stable (MAAMIDD) As I want to...
  9. J

    Rom Mi5 Mi5pro Help!

    i flashed mi5pro 128gb with MiFlash_xiaomi.eu_gemini_V7.2.13.0.MAACNDB _6.0 from fastboot oem edl and no works! then i try flash latest global dev and BRICK! now, only have fastboot. no have edl
  10. C

    New Mi5 Periodically Freezing And Rebooting

    I just bought an Mi5 (64 gb version) and updated to the latest ROM ( problem is that it is periodically freezing and rebooting. The issue occurs randomly every couple of minutes when I'm using the phone. When I'm not using it, it does not reboot. An observation I've made is that it's...
  11. L

    If They Reject My Application To Unlock Bl?

    What to do if you're rejected? Because I wrote request in english and later I saw that someone wrote that it should be written in simple chinese using google translator? I bought my Mi5 from ******* and the problem is they put xiaomi.eu unofficial rom and alarm clock doesn't work, not even from...
  12. K

    Unlock Bootloader Mi5/mi5 Pro Global Stable 7.2.4 Guide

    Hii My hate and anger is calm today and once again in love with miui with my mi5 pro Here i will guide you if you want to install custom rom u need to unlock Bootloader and install custom recovery. Following are the possible hurdles which might make you frustrated : 1) unlocking bootloader...
  13. onabike

    Mi5 No Wifi Or Camera Since Update

    My newly purchased Mi5 3/32 has gone wrong since latest update. I bought it in China in May, it worked Ok. Upon return to Europe I downloaded play store chrome etc, and it worked even better. The weekend before last the phone did an auto update, and since then the WLAN will not turn on ( move...
  14. S

    New Xiaomi Mi5 Keeps Crashing

    All my apps keep crashing and I'm not sure why. This includes all system apps and all downloaded as well as Google play services.
  15. K

    Not Getting Mobile Network Signal.

    Hi All, I need a help please. Thing is I am not getting mobile signal whereas it was fine before. Now if I insert 2 sim cards then both of the sim cards does not works for an hour or more. Then suddenly signal comes to the SIM1 only and SIM2 says emergency calls only. But in SIM2 never coming...
  16. V

    Audio Recorder Mi5 Is Bad

    The audio recording MI5 in the video and voice notes, is very bad, no low frequencies, in 200Hz down does not record anything. You can fix this by updates? or the microphone is bad?
  17. F

    New Trying To Sign In Www.miui.com, But....

    Hello, not sure if anyone else is having these issues, but I can't login after registering. I also tired changing my password several times and still no luck. I'm trying to request to unlock my MI5 Below is the error I get after Google did translation. Login failed, please try again If your...
  18. R

    Transfer Photos To Notebook

    Hi, I connect mi5 to notebook, select Transfer Files and want to move photos from DCIM to notebook. I can not do that. How can i transfer photos (please dont tell me to use cloud).
  19. Z

    Mtp Connection Problem

    Hi Everybody, I'm trying to connect my Mi5 with my PC using MTP connection (i'm on Ubuntu). The problem is that I can see the device connected and mounted but i can't copy anything from it. It always crashes. Strange thing I can copy files from pc to the device without any problem, but if i try...
  20. P

    Xiaomi Mi 5: Reviews, Info, Benchmarks, Discussion

    Hello guys I want to share with you my Italian review of the Xiaomi Mi 5 High Edition (3GB of RAM / 64 Gb of Storage) . I bought it from the ******* shop! We can update this thread with other reviews ;D 1. VIDEO REVIEW 2. VIDEOS AND PHOTOS TEST Regards Paolo