1. Marco Silva

    Reformulate Or Create A New Music Player

    Hello everyone, I came to bring an idea that is the reformulation / alteration of the miui native music player. Miui's original music player is very weak. It has few options and is unintuitive. It is very bad compared to other existing players, such as sony (walkman), ios, touchwizz, among...
  2. A

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 [snapdragon] [mido]

    Hey guys , I am new to this forum , though I have been using EU for a year now ! I just purchased a RedmiNote4 Snapdragon varient! I wanted to know , when Miui EU for Redmi note 4 will be available.... The TWRP for this device has already been released by XDA dev Abhishek789 Awaiting reply...
  3. M

    Does Miui (xiaomi.eu) Mi5s Support Mi Vr 2 ?

    I have mi 5s 128 gb (pseudo-official firmware was updated to miui global from official site), recently i purchased xiaomi mi VR 2 white, which, suddenly, doesn't supported. So, what can i do in this situation? I can't install Chinese firmware, because it lacks Google play and contains tons of...
  4. S

    Miui 8 & Usb Otg

    Hi! Using Mi5 64gb since April, and Xiaomi.eu weekly since June. All is perfect, just one question and issues about MIUI and Usb Host function. 1) How can one see total space and free space of connected usb stick? As I see internal in native Explorer, ES manager, Xplore. 2) I copied big amount...
  5. H

    Back To Smiui...

    hi guys, is anybody out there, got backed up rom images from smiu 7.5xx stable? My phone gets after swiching to miu 8 massive battery drain, thats why i wanna go back to one of the last smiui 7 stable, because they was very smooth, stable and batterysaving! sadly i got no backup from my smiui...
  6. n12pad3

    Overclock Redmi 4a

    Hey guys, is there any way to increase the clock of cpu and gpu in 4a? It is a good handset, has good battery life. But the snapdragon 425 is a weak chip. Maybe with higher frequencies it works better. What do you think, ? Sorry for my bad english.
  7. M

    New Bugs Weekly 7.1.5 Mi5s

    Facebook notifications, Snapchat, Instagram, etc .. still do not work (If you press does not open anything) .. There remains the problem of the block when using the quick Google search..
  8. Alexdiamond33

    Miui Global Version Sound Changed ?

    Hi does anyone knows how you can get back Mi ringtone ? Because in the new global version its sounds horrible, and when you lock the phone the sound is bad too..?
  9. I

    Icons Size

    Dears, I need your help to reduce the icons size of stock theme. They are too big for me. I read many threads but at the end there is not solution up to now. Partial solutions are: Modify the build.prop file in order to change the display density. Not ok in my opinion becouse together with...
  10. Felix Sarduy

    Does Xiaomi Eu Have Ota Updating?

    I am currently running CM14.1 on my Xiaomi Mi4 LTE but with the death of CyanogenMod I am looking for another OS. Does Xiaomi EU's MIUI have OTA Updates or do i have to download and dirty flash the weeklys?
  11. I

    Mi4 Lte Update

    Hello, I am new to flashing ROMs, only time I flashed my Mi4 LTE was when I bought it a year ago and I only did so because the ROM it came with had so much bloatware and the process was so easy and well explained (copied ROM to my phone root, renamed to update.zip and went to recovery and chose...
  12. G

    Ui Upgrade - Simple User

    Hi I have the european version 7.2.5 by xiaomi.eu Is there a chance that i will be able to upgrade my version to miui 8 by simply going to setting->update ? Maybe not now, but someday?i'm not sure how it all works and if the all rom download and wipes is the only way to upgrade (again, i'm a...
  13. E

    Use My Rom (with All The Data) In Another Phone

    Okay so I have one simple question, can someone explain me? So I got my brand new Redmi 3S, it's already unlocked (officially method) and now I am running 6.12.1 Beta Xiaomi.EU (downloaded from this website) It's running very fast and smoothly, I just have one question. I used TWRP Recovery...
  14. D

    [icons] Mia Ex - Miui Icon Addon Extended ... Huge!

    I made an add-on for the MIUI theming engine on XXHDPI devices running MIUI 8. If you like the standard theme of MIUI 8 (as I prefer it), you can extend and skin your app icons with this pack including thousands of app and activity icons. Read the info at the download page please. Use at...
  15. D

    Xiaomi/miui Gfx Resources

    LINK You will find vector sources for Xiaomi & MIUI logo @ my dA page. Feel free to grab them and use them for your project or fan art. SVG & AI included.
  16. Burza

    Mi4c 3/32 Keeps Forgetting It's Partitions

    Hey guys, I'm facing a really weird problem, and I couldn't find the answer to it anywhere. The thing is my phone keeps having bootloops, I've been reflashing it with fastboot images and sometimes it boots into system, but after a while it crashes and has bootloops again. TWRP seems to be...
  17. AsadP

    Mi5s Plus On Miui Download?

    Every device on miui.com/download has a device picture except the Mi5S Plus? Is that just me.
  18. A

    "test" Notification In All My Mi Devices

    I suddenly got a notification today, both on my MI3 and MIPad2, just saying that: test. It seems to come from the MI browser (the notification icon is the purple one for the browser), but I don't even use that for browsing the internet. Anyone with a similar case? Should I be worried? Should I...
  19. A

    How To Root Mi4c With Miui 8

    Greetings :) hi, i am a new user of Mi4c. I am not a developer, so i don't know how to talk with programming language. Is everybody here maybe know how to root my Mi4c MIui 8 using Macbook and please tell me step by step in the easiest way to understand? Right now i am using Miui 8 stable...
  20. Debanka

    Data Bubble Missing(new User Of Miui Eu)

    Hi.. I have flashed the 6.8.18 version of miui eu rom for Kenzo. I have noticed that the data bubble that shows the amount of mobile data consumed is missing. Is there a way to bring it back or is it not present in the eu/China roms? Thanks!