1. AsadP

    Mi5s Plus On Miui Download?

    Every device on miui.com/download has a device picture except the Mi5S Plus? Is that just me.
  2. A

    "test" Notification In All My Mi Devices

    I suddenly got a notification today, both on my MI3 and MIPad2, just saying that: test. It seems to come from the MI browser (the notification icon is the purple one for the browser), but I don't even use that for browsing the internet. Anyone with a similar case? Should I be worried? Should I...
  3. A

    How To Root Mi4c With Miui 8

    Greetings :) hi, i am a new user of Mi4c. I am not a developer, so i don't know how to talk with programming language. Is everybody here maybe know how to root my Mi4c MIui 8 using Macbook and please tell me step by step in the easiest way to understand? Right now i am using Miui 8 stable...
  4. Debanka

    Data Bubble Missing(new User Of Miui Eu)

    Hi.. I have flashed the 6.8.18 version of miui eu rom for Kenzo. I have noticed that the data bubble that shows the amount of mobile data consumed is missing. Is there a way to bring it back or is it not present in the eu/China roms? Thanks!
  5. rip_her_APART


    Hi guys, does encryption work? After finishing encryption my phone asks for username and password. What username and password? I didn't log in to MIUI Cloud. I am using latest EU ROM (6.8.11).
  6. S

    Android Version Vs Miui Version

    Hi, I just noticed that different devices have different Android versions but run the same MIUI. For example RN2 has Android 5.0, Mi4c has 5.1, Mi5 has 6.0... but all run the same MIUI, for example MIUI8. So I guess MIUI is a layer on top of Android? What is the connection? Also I'd like to...
  7. Rui Cambraia

    Heating Problems, Roms, Apps & Settings

    Heat problems devide miui users, as well as Mi4C users. Some have heat problems while others do not. Even though a "hot phone" is a subjective concept, it is commonly accepted that a phone running above 40 degrees celcius becomes unconfortable. When I started using Miui 8 I also started to get...
  8. wolfanger

    Huge Battery-savings With Qualcomm´s Mpdecision For Qualcomm Devices

  9. A

    Confusion About Updates

    Hi, I recently switched to Android with the Mi5 and I did not understand how updates work in Miui. I've unlocked the bootloader and flashed this rom (I think it's called "xiaomi.eu gemini"). Questions: Should I update something? What is v.6.5.7 of Miui 7.4? How stable is Miui 8 Beta? How can...
  10. M

    Looking For Redmi3 V7.3.1.0 Fastboot Rom

    Hello, I'm looking for the Redmi3 V7.3.1.0 fastboot ROM. Does anyone here knows where can I find it?
  11. K

    New Blurr Notification And Recent App And Search App Like Miui7

    Hii Is it possible to have blurr guassin effects in notification panel, search app and recent app like miui7 in miui8 This is the only reason making miui 8 very ugly Please dev a humble request to keep this option in atleast xiaomi.eu roms. This will force tons of user to use miui made by...
  12. ingbrzy

    MULTI 6.6.16/17/18 - Miui 8

    Status: Done ALL ROMs rebuilt... DOWNLOAD WEEKLY https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=68961 DOWNLOAD STABLE (W/O ROOT, NO WEEKLY UPDATES) https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=36337 CHANGELOG FOR STABLES Installation: Xiaomi devices: Install TWRP zip via Updater app or...
  13. L

    New ¿radio Fm Con Rds? - ¿fm Radio With Rds?

    Buenas tardes, ¿el Redmi Note 3 Pro tiene Radio Fm con RDS? Es que no consigo que la app de la radio consiga decodificar el RDS. Muchas gracias. Good afternoon, the redmi Note 3 Pro has FM radio with RDS? It is that the app can not get get radio decode the RDS. Thank you very much.
  14. K

    Unlock Bootloader Mi5/mi5 Pro Global Stable 7.2.4 Guide

    Hii My hate and anger is calm today and once again in love with miui with my mi5 pro Here i will guide you if you want to install custom rom u need to unlock Bootloader and install custom recovery. Following are the possible hurdles which might make you frustrated : 1) unlocking bootloader...
  15. mdki1996

    Mi4 Battery Draining

    Hi guys, I bought a new Mi4 2 weeks ago. It arrived with a fake rom, I installed Xiaomi.eu KK. First days I suffered of huge battery drain without sim inserted, but now, with sim, the main problem is the battery drain after enabling airplane mode. Once the battery start to fall the only...
  16. mdki1996

    Disable Miui Animation?

    Hi all, I always go into developer option and set animations to 0x, but in Miui (additional option, battery, optimizes system performance) there is a further option to disable animations. What is the difference?
  17. mdki1996

    Cancro Latest Miui Kitkat Tar/tgz (has Merged Partition?)

    Hi all, I am a new Miui user. I received yesterday my Mi4W 3gb and it is running a fake Miui (KXDMICI), so i would like to install latest Miui KK from Xiaomi.eu (should be V7.1.5.0.KXDCNCK_V7-4.4) trough fastboot. I know that the rom should be in .tgz...is it possible to have/find it...
  18. P

    Is Mi3/mi4 Is Going To Receive Miui 8 Update

    Till now we got update regarding miui 8 Dailer and ui changes but the main thing we have to know is that the miui 8 is going to available for Mi3/Mi4 Cancro Devices ? And what are the Devices that going to Get miui 8 update other than mi max mi5 & redmi Note 3 Please get us out of this...
  19. nicoff

    Xiaomi Official Stable Release Devices List

    Hi, I created this thread to easily check all available new official stable releases for Xiaomi.eu supported devices, so you won't get mad with MIUI english site. ;) *DEVICES LIST* AQUA Mi 4s ARIES Mi 2/2s ARMANI Redmi 1S CANCRO Mi 3/4 DIOR Redmi Note 4G Single-SIM FERRARI Mi 4i GEMINI Mi 5...
  20. L

    It Is Possible To Add To Miui "lite Mode" Functionality ?

    Hello. Please answer. It is possible to add the super miui function, named "lite mode". It best solution for older's people and simply use of phone. link: If You want simply used of phone, lite mode is very nice function. Please add this functionality. Best Regards