1. fang d

    Is It Possible To Customize Phone

    is it possible to customize phone app on MIUI(eg replace phone number with asterisk when call another number), or use a custom app to replace phone app ? thanks !
  2. M

    Is It Safe To Install Miui.eu By Xiaomitools?

    I don't know how to make it on the normal way and I was wondering if XiaomiTools is safe to do it.
  3. A

    Flashing Tutorial For Oreo

    Hi to everybody! How you guys have been doing? Excited for the Oreo release? I do ! I see you guys have difficulties with installing this on Mi Note 2 , so i'll do a step by step tutorial here. First of all , i guess everybody has unlocked BL and TWRP flashed. Also, be ready to lose all your...
  4. T

    New [camara Bug] Black Layout On Effect

    Hello, this is my first post here. I am using the rolex / Xiaomi Redmi 4A handset. This is my first smartphone. My first Xiaomi device was a Yi camera that had some minor bugs too. When I take a picture on Facebook Messenger application using face effects/layers the saved picture gets blacked...
  5. Daenjel

    Volume Up Button Doesn't Work Properly

    Hi, can someone help me with this issue on my device? The volume up button doesn't work on the system, it just stopped working one day and i thought it was a hardware problem, so, i made the hardware test from Miui and its all okey, but when i press the button doesnt volume up, what can it be...
  6. nlacsoft

    New [8.3.1] Entering Tts Output Crashes Settings

    After a clean install of the 8.3.1 weekly ROM, installed Google Text-To-Speech engine and trying to enter the settings of TTS output (Additional settings / Language & input / Text-to-speech output or via Accessibility), the Settings app crashes and restarts. MIUI 9.3 (8.3.1 eu), IDO (Redmi 3 Pro)
  7. 03jack

    Miui 9.2 Stable - Strange Downloads

    Hi! I'm on miui9 stable by Xiaomi.eu on Nikel. I recently noticed that some strange files are auto-downloaded and re-downloaded if deleted. I analyzed one of them (they are all the same) by virustotal and Dr Web recognised Android.Coin.Mine malware. But my phone is clean (I scanned it...
  8. N

    New Redmi Note 2 Battery Drain 9.3_8.1.4

    Hello, I have a huge battery drain on 9.3_8.1.4 with Redmi note 2 (Hermes). I tried dalvik cache wipe and 2 full wipes. Nothing helped. I've got a brand new original battery, same with the old one. Hadn't that problem on 8.5. Is this a leak on MIUI in general on RMN2? Charged my phone over...
  9. M

    Ota Not Working + Miui9 Over Updater App?

    Hi there, I installed stable How come since four months there was never any OTA update although in the rom release information they'd even say every friday?! And second question: MIUI 9.1 got released. Any chance I can update my system without wiping my data, ie via the Updater App...
  10. J

    Aptx For Redmi 4x Santoni

    Hello everyone, I would really love to see AptX working for santoni. If anyone knows how to make it work I would really appreciate it. What I've done so far: - I checked several AptX libs (also 64 libs even though I'm almost 100% sure it's irrelevant for Santoni). - I checked several...
  11. Omi Azad

    Miui Eu Rom Vs Official Global Rom

    Hi, Sorry for asking this dumb question, can you please tell me what is the difference between MIUI EU ROM vs OFFICIAL GLOBAL ROM? Or they are same?
  12. G

    Does Xiaomi Eu Rom Receive Ota Updates ??

    Does xiaomi eu rom receive ota updates ???
  13. pajser92

    Hardware Buttons Not Working Properly Since Forever

    Hi all, I'm having these issues since I bought the phone, so I wanted to check if anyone else experiences the same problems, and also if there's a fix for them? It's regarding hardware buttons functionality. When I initially set up my phone after buying it, I changed 2 things, and ironically...
  14. K

    Miui 9 For Mi 5

    When the MIUI 9 will be released for Xiaomi MI5 here? Thanks in advance.
  15. Colinovsky

    Uninstalling Some Of Miui Apps & Making Other Apps Default

    Hello, as i said in the topic, I'd like to uninstall some of pre-installed MIUI Apps, like Internet and Calendar, because I just don't like them and I'm using another Apps from Google Apps. Is it possible to do it without installing any stupid App or modifying ROM? If it's not possible to...
  16. I

    Redmi4 And Miui 8.2 Stable

    Hi, I saw that in Miui.com site is now available the stable Rom based on MIUI 8.2 for Redmi4 (NOT prime version), but the xiaomi.eu stable version is however not available. Developers can tell me when this Rom will be online? Thanks:)
  17. P

    Wifi Problems! Help

    Hey, so recently I decided to update from 5.1.1 to android 7. It was very stressful process and it took me a long time to do it because I am real noob in mobile things. so I updated to MIUI 8.3. everything looked fine but then I noticed that my Wifi keeps on disconnecting like every 15 seconds...
  18. I

    Limited Support For Redmi Pro

    Hi to everyone, I wanted to say that its funny how redmi pro is one of few phones that dont have a miui global rom, so it needs Xiaomi.eu rom the most and yet there is no new stable rom for last few months. Since there is a limited stable rom support i wanted to ask you what is most stable and...
  19. R

    No Boot - Redmi Note 4x

    Hello. Recently I bought a Xiaomi Note 4x from china. I unlocked the bootloader, flashed latest MIUI china developer and then TWRP and installed MIUI.EU 7.3.23 rom. First week no problem, then 7.3.30 came out and I installed it, no problems until last Thursday, the mobile phone started rebooting...
  20. Berci

    Miui V8.2.4.0 Global Beta Stable

    Beta Stable V8.2.4.0.MALMIDL for Redmi 3S/3X was Released! http://en.miui.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=560957&highlight=8.2.4