1. D

    Cant update from 8.7.12 to 8.7.19

    Hi all, I have Xiaomi mi8, unlocked bootloader and i installed EU rom (8.7.12). today, i try to update the rom, i go to About -> and start to download 8.7.19 rom, when it done, i press on install and nothing happened, it just shut down my phone. when i try the process it again, it reboot...
  2. M

    Solved - Stuck At Recovery While Flashing Rom: "package_extract_file Took 00s."

    I was using the latest MIUI 9.1 - 7.12.14 Beta ROM. I decided to flash the latest MIUI 9.1 Stable ROM without wiping any data ant it stucked at this screen over 30 minutes: So aperrantly it got stucked probably that I didn't wipe any data before flashing the ROM because I didn't want to lose...
  3. H

    Cannot Access Recovery (redmi 3 / Twrp)

    I'm facing a problem while trying to update to the latest weekly! Currently I'm running MIUI 7.3.30 on my Redmi 3 Pro (ido) and I wanted to update to 7.5.11. Unfortnately, I can't access the recovery so I am not able to update! Everytime I try to boot into recovery the system reboots...
  4. J

    I Can't Access Recovery Mode

    Hello, I unlocked my xiaomi mi4c through the official method and installed it the "xiaomi.eu_multi_libra_5.10.22_v7-5.1" Rom, after that I installed the 7.3.9 version for the xiaomi mi4c, and to do that i had to update the twrp to the version and installed without problems. The problem I...
  5. rgxci

    Video Tutorial For Upgrading Rom?

    Hello, is there anywhere on Youtube/etc. a good and detailed Video how to upgrade for example from Xiaomi Global to custom ROM? I did it last time 9 months ago, and I have no idea how I solved it from the beginning till the end. Because you always need a new/old ADB, new recovery...
  6. decomorreno

    Redmi 4 Prime | Twrp Recovery Doesn't Save Settings

    As far as I know this recovery should save its settings. Unfortunately in my case every time I start it, its language is chinease and none of my customizations are saved. What would probably be the issue?
  7. M

    Which Twrp Version Should I Used?

    There are 3 TWRP download option for MI4S. The first one is, and I have updated to MIUI 8 based on android nougat (7.2.9). Which twrp version should i use? Is there any explanation about the three twrp versions? Thanks for advance
  8. S

    No Boot Possible

    Hi, i owen a M5s Plus and have an problem. After a crash (just stucked, so i diceided to reeboot), i'm not able to boot my phone, nor Recovery/Fastboot, neither normal boot. The phone just shows the (specific) startscreen and nothing further happens. Does anyone have an idea what I can try? I...
  9. nlacsoft

    Is Updating Of The Weekly Rom Supported At All By The Updater App?

    Hello, i'm really wondering if the updating of the weekly ROM (from a previous version of the weekly ROM) supported by the Updater app ("Choose update package" way) at all, because it doesn't work: after i do it, the ROM remains on the previous version. The only effect of the process is, the...
  10. P

    Help: Recovery/twrp Not Working

    Hi fellow Mi-fans, I just bought the new Redmi Pro and wanted to install the global rom for it, using this guide: this forum/threads/6-10-13.35585/ First I installed China developer version Then I unlocked Then I installed TRWP Omega Version Now here is where I am stuck. Whenever I boot...
  11. taki1

    Recovery Flashing Problem

    Hi. MIUI Stable. Bootloader unlocked with official MI tool (MiFlashUnlock). ADB "fastboot oem device-info" gives me some error message, but then "fastboot getvar all" tells that bootloader is unlocked... Then flashing recovery with TWRP (nikel). In ADB everything looks ok, but when I...
  12. nlacsoft

    Yet Another Full Recovery Rom Flashing Description

    Hi, let me share my steps to install the latest eu dev ROM from the chinese dev ROM successfully on my Redmi 3 Pro, done yesterday. Another newbies may find it useful, i try to have it complete and refer to external tutorials as less as possible. The process is mostly based on this: en dot miui...
  13. I

    Mi4c Twrp Touchscreen Not Working

    I flashed the TWRP recovery in to my Mi4C but the touchscreen doesnt work inside the recovery menu, only worked once wich abled me to install the EU ROM but then I went again in recovery to wipe all data and I wasn't able as the touchscreen wouldn't work... Anyone has any idea?
  14. N

    Updating Xiaomi Mi Note (virgo) To Marshmallow From Kitkat

    Hey everyone, I've not long time ago bought xiaomi mi note with android kit kat preinstalled. It was updated by some of my friend with rom from this site, it uses MIUI v7 (5.10.8) as of right now. I wanted to update it to the newest MIUI v7/8 but I got... A LOT of trouble and I tried everything...
  15. A

    Twrp For Mi Max Pro 3/64 Snapdragon 652 (helium)

    Hi, I'm looking for a custom recovery for Mi Max Pro 3/64 Snapdragon 652 (helium). I've already done some research and there is only Mi Max Snapdragon 650 (hydrogen) version. Do you know where I can look for it?
  16. H

    Gps Problem

    Hi, I cant get any fix on my location on the Redmi 3, tried everyting with 3 different roms(came with some multilangual china rom "muiu 77.*", flashed to stock china 7.2.7m and now xiaomi EU V7.1.3.0) . I found that you can boot to recovery (vol up + power) and go to "PCBA test" and test the...
  17. nicoff

    Mi 4c Twrp 3.0.0 (cofface)

    Xiaomi MI 4C TWRP Recovery 3.0.0 All credits to Cofface Recommended with MIUI I'll try to keep this thread up-to-date, but please refer to original chinese thread for latest recovery updates and download links. P.S. any improvement suggestion for this translation from chinese is welcome...
  18. nicoff

    How To Easily Install Twrp Recovery

    This is the fastboot mode way to install TWRP. If you already have a ROM installed you can safely flash the recovery zip via Updater app, otherwise follow these steps. First of all, download TWRP recovery for your device from here or searching on MIUI official forum. Your phone need...