redmi note 4

  1. H

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 suporta micro HDMI ou MHL ?

    Bom pessoal! Tenho um Redmi Note 4 de 32gb com a tela quebra guardado na gaveta não tenho interesse em concertar mas gostaria de dar uma utilidade a ele. Daí pensei em fazer tipo um PC conectando ele em um monitor porém fiz pesquisas e não consegui resposta
  2. N

    How to flash official global rom

    My phone is Redmi Note 4 Nikel, Bootloader Unlock, not rooted, with latest beta eu rom. Please help me on how to flash Official Global Stable ROM.
  3. T

    [issue]fingerprint Sensor Malfunctioning

    Hello fellow Xiaomi users, Been having Redmi Note 4x SD 64GB 4 RAM for a couple of months now and it had been working flawlessly however, recently, a few weeks ago the fingerprint sensor started acting up randomly. It does recognize my fingers or at least I believe so, as it doesn't vibrate...
  4. X

    Battery Drained Fast

    I have the latest version in Redmi Note 4, I've noticed that in the latest update it drains my battery fast compare to the recent version. In my battery "ANDROID SYSTEM" is the one that draining my battery even if it is on standby mode. Please fix the battery drain in the upcoming...
  5. I

    Dtb Not Found (error)

    Good time of day. I can not install twrp recovery on my phone. Model: Redmi Note 4 Android version: 7.0 NRD90M MIUI version: MIUI Global 9.2 The loader is marked. I tried another recovery, but no one came. Can help with the problem?
  6. SirPheles

    Mtk Battery Performance

    Howdy. So I've been fan of the Redmi series for more than a year now. My first buy was a Redmi Note 4 16 GB with 2 GB RAM. Back then I had no idea that the majority of these phones comes with either Mediatek or Qualcomm processors. After a year of advanced, root and Xposed use I bought it's big...
  7. hj9_yt

    Best Rom For The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Mtk

    What is the best rom about the battery life fore the redmi note 4 mtk?
  8. M

    Battery Problem - Redmi Note 4 (snapdragon) /

    I have very a big problem with battery in my (2 months old) Redmi Note 4 with SnapDragon. After last update, the battery does not charge up to max. Now its max for it is 92%! Not touched phone (WiFi and LTE connection turned on), but the phone was not touched. After 3 hours, phone is...
  9. A

    Which Weekly Version Is Equivalent To 8.5.5 Stable?

    To say, in term of functions and options, which version of the weekly rom is equivalent to the 8.5.5 stable rom of Redmi Note 4X (mtk)? So I could decide if I want to go with weekly rom. PS. do I have to wipe all data if I want to flash weekly rom?
  10. hj9_yt

    Camera Lag

    Hi there I've the Redmi Note 4 Mediatek running with the xiaomi eu 7.6.8 When I see a video that I've recorded it starts lagging. Do you know how to solve this issue?
  11. I

    Redmi Note 4 Fastboot Mode Not Working Properly

    hai so i just bought this phone, and long story short, the fastboot mode (volume down+power) will only display for about 10 seconds and then it will reboots itself into charging mode. doesn't matter if i use the key, or even use adb commands to get there. it will still reboot itself in short...
  12. S

    New Facebook Videos Crash (redmi Note 4 Nikel)

    Hi there! I 've installed in nikel (Redmi Note 4) the stable rom (8.2.2 but most of the times, the videos in facebook after playing for a few seconds, it's stuck and I have to push power button to turn it off. I updated to 7.4.14 ( developer rom) but the problem still...
  13. R

    New Unkown Pop-up/notify

    Redmi2 (HM2014813) & Redmi Note 4 Qualcomm: On both devices since a few months, I got a few times a day a popup/notify "picture send" It happens on the weekly dev roms, for a while, but now it is going to get irritating and I want to get it away. Got really no clue or idea what this is, the...
  14. A

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 [snapdragon] [mido]

    Hey guys , I am new to this forum , though I have been using EU for a year now ! I just purchased a RedmiNote4 Snapdragon varient! I wanted to know , when Miui EU for Redmi note 4 will be available.... The TWRP for this device has already been released by XDA dev Abhishek789 Awaiting reply...
  15. F

    Problem With Updating Ota Help!

    I have started the updating for my xiaomi redmi note 4 with global rom but he is in bootloop and I can't enter in recovery mode. What can I do? Please help Ciao a tutti, ho fatto partire il nuovo aggiornamento ota per il mio xiaomi redmi note 4 ma è entrato in bootloop e non posso entrare in...
  16. A

    Root And Xposed On Redmi Note 4

    Hi guys, want to ask you what is the best way to root the redmi note 4, and if there is the possibility to use xposed, and if some of you have it and how is working thanks Azazello
  17. P

    Redmi Note 4 - Rom - Update

    Hi, I bought Redmi Note 4 on ********** from TOPONE store and it came with ROM (MIUI 8.1 - 6.9.29 Beta). What I need to do to update my phone on the laste ROM version? Do I need to unloock bootloader or maybe it's already unlocked? Also which ROM is better Weekly or Stable?
  18. Malasuerte94

    Should I Change Redmi Note 4 3gb For Redmi Note 3 Pro

    Hi there! I have a deal, to give my RN4 (3gb) for RN3 pro (3gb 32gb snapdragon). so I will have no more problem with the battery and is faster. I do not play games but I need to know if you think is worth to wait for an update to fix the RN4 battery life and performance. Be What do you think?
  19. L

    Why Redmi Note 4 Dont Recibe Update

    why redmi note 4 dont recibe update of china stable
  20. M

    Clear Motion On Redmi Note 4

    Redmi Note 4 use Helio X20, and this cpu support Clear Motion (following Mediatek), how do I enable clear motion on this phone like Redmi Note 2 ?