1. M

    Invalid 9.12.5 Mi 6 - Color scheme does not work.

    As i try to change color to warmer , i I noticed that nothing change in colors. All options doesn't work.
  2. ReaktoringHD

    Android 10: ASHA on Android 10 ROMs? Can i build a custom version of the ROM?

    Hi there, I just want to know if there is ASHA (Audio streaming for hearing aids) activated in your ROMs and if there is any posibilitiy for me to build an custom version myself with this activated when it's not included. Thank You!
  3. T

    Which Rom for Redmi 4 Prime?

    Hi guys, Since miui Global 10.2 my device is lagging horrible, (put wrong characters when writing or don't react for 2 seconds). I first thought that the display is broken and changed it but its not better now. I have successfully unlocked the bootloader and now I search for a Rom for flashing...
  4. L

    New MI8 MD5 does not match

    I have this problem. When I try to download an update from the app on the MI8, it starts downloading but after a few minutes it says ''md5 does not match''. If I update the device downloading the rom manually, it works but i would like to do it from the app itself. Anyone knows how to solve this?
  5. kevols

    9.9.26 is good for whyred?

    any suggestions or comments about miui 11 on your redmi note 5? i want to try it. thanks
  6. N

    Dead phone after turning off while instaling ROM / MiFlash doesn't see device / can't go FASTBOOT nor recovery

    Hello, I was installing on my Xiaomi Mi 5x MIUI 10 by TWRP. Eveything was fine, but for some reason meanwhile phone just turned off. I was trying to go into FASTBOOT (vol - and pow) after connecting to PC but it only makes vibration and signal (black screen). Also tools like MiFlash don't see...
  7. safin.ahmed17

    New 2 bugs spotted in MIUI EU [STABLE] 10.3.17 for K20 Pro

    1. GPS 2. Profile video for outgoing calls Description: 1. GPS can only be set to "Device only" If I select "battery saving" gps automatically turns off and "High accuracy" is unable to select 2. Can't select profile video for outgoing calls under sounds & vibration section. Its set to "no...
  8. S

    Xiaomi device got blank screen after flash a rom, need help :'(

    I am trying to flash android Q beta into K20 pro today and as a result it got blank now. I bought this device which come with global rom as seller claim and every time it's reboot, there is a word that said, it's unlocked. Today, I found this website...
  9. P

    Mi 9 Explorer Transparent Global ROM

    It is possible to mount the firmware from MI 9 to MI 9 EE, i read on google have the same firmware ? I have the Mi 9 Explorer Edition,Transparent CN/EN but i want install on that the global ROM for the Romanian language or Italian. Thank you
  10. R

    Mi9 Chinese version & ROM. Works?

    Hi everyone, Two questions: 1. Does the MIUI 10 ROM or Mi9 (from, obviously) work for both the Global and the Chinese version of the Mi9? 2. Does the ROM work for all version of the Mi9? I mean, the Chinese version can be bought in four versions: 6/128, 8/128, 8/256 and 12/256...
  11. O

    Google Pay Issue!

    So I have installed the latest weekly version of .eu ROM in my Xiaomi Mi8. I bought it from China and changed the original rom to this one. I have read that China versions of Mi phones don't work with GPay. SafetyNet Test is passing, and I don't have my phone rooted. Whenever I try to add a...
  12. J

    Mi 5x does not exist anymore?

    I am with a beta of miui, and I wanted to use the stable rom miui global for mi 5x, but I can not find anywhere the rom Tiffany
  13. A

    MI 8 + Google Pay / Google play (Netflix) ROM Query

    Hi There - I got a MI 8 (Official Global ROM) from AllliExprress Merchant Hong Kong Goldway. Super Smartphone by the way! I have 2 issues with it. I can not use Google Pay or download Netflix from Google Play. Google Pay Issue: I get as far as confirming my Card details, but then it says...
  14. andresmirza

    Why not interested in Mi Pad 3?

    I think we are the majority using mi pad 3. I'm calling the technical team here. Why don't you update this device anymore? It was the rare rom eu that I could use the Turkish language. Please support now. Authorized person want to reach. I'm telling you now, don't tell me about Miuit.
  15. S

    After installing ROM phone stuck on Checking for updates in setups...

    Hello, After installing the ROM and Magisk (10.2 stable) on my Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 I rebooted the system as prompted and entered the setup screen for new phones. It required me to log in to the Mi account that is associated with the phone, which I did and all the other options like language were...
  16. S

    New Please help me! My Mi 8 touch does not work.

    Please help me! My Mi8 touch does not work. I have a MI 8 for a few months, I had installed the weekly rom After a restart i try to enter TWRP then the touch does not working. I go out of TWRP and start android ( rom) but touch does not work. I made many attempts including...
  17. Dyzson

    Best ROM for Mi4 LTE

    Hey, i need help with choose best ROM for my Xiaomi Mi4 LTE. As you know Mi4 is EOL, i wanna find Stable ROM on MIUI 9. I would like it was created by or The selected system will be permanently in the phone. I don't like ROM from I found only THIS ONE, but...
  18. Ewanuna

    New MI 8 SE doesn't update/ROM change

    Hi, my wife have a MI 8 SE and the phone doesn't want to update... I want to change to the Official ROM but it doesn't work... I tried to Wipe All Data and do a Factory Reset but it doesn't work... Help Please
  19. claudio0222

    New in Family xiaomi, upgrade?

    soy nuevo en xiaomi, compre un xiaomi mi 8 se con miui10 y quiero actualizar a la nuevo la de android pie? como lo actialuzo? tengo que volver a instalar la rom desde la pc o en la app que dice actualizador? I am new to xiaomi, buy a xiaomi my 8 is with miui10 and I want to update to the new...
  20. J

    Can I flash latest ROM as an update without losing data?

    When I use the MIUI updater app on my phone it tells me I'm already up to date even though I have version MIUI 8.8.24 for Mi 8 and the latest version should be 8.9.24 for Mi 8. If I download the latest ROM and flash it using TWRP will I lose my data (like my photos, installed apps, settings...