Fastboot vs TWRP? -Newbie question


Nov 6, 2021

I just ordered a Xiaomi Mix 4 Chinese Version and obviously I'm going to flash ROM first thing when I get it, however there's one thing I can't wrap my head around when looking at tutorials etc. (btw, never done this before)

1. It seems I need(?) to install TWRP, do I need to do this prior to flashing the ROM?
2. Whenever I google how to install TWRP it comes with things about rooting, do I need to root to install it? Cuz I'd really prefer not to.
3. What exactly are the advantages of installing TWRP? I was just adviced to do so, as it would be "better down the line".

Anything else you think I might wanna know, please let me know! :)


Jun 11, 2020
I don't have specific knowledge about Mix 4, but I'll try to help:

1) For many of the newer phones, you launch TWRP from you PC the first time, and when you install the ROM, it is installed at the same time
With Android 12, for the moment there is no validated TWRP, but it will probably change in the future.

2) Rooting is not required for TWRP

3) It gives you an easy way to install ROMs, without requiring a computer. There are also a few utilities, like formatting data, and installing mods that would otherwise require to be be root.
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