1. P

    Mi 11 Ultra Fingerprint not Working after Display Repair

    Hello there! I've seen a similar post but it didn't help me with my problem. I broke my Mi11 Ultra the first week I got it, so I bought a replacement screen from ********** (since Xiaomi Support Germany didn't want to sell me one for my Chinese Mi 11...). It was a screen unit with frame and...
  2. L

    The current SafetyNet situation and custom ROMs

    Questions about the current SafetyNet situation: 1. Does a bootloader unlock really trip SafetyNet by itself? 2. Do the ROMs trip SafetyNet or do they not? 3. Does flashing a custom 3a. boot 3b. system 3c. recovery trip SafetyNet? 4. Does booting a custom system image...
  3. A initially comes with root rights?

    When installing the firmware root rights are automatically enabled?
  4. H

    Card Emulation

    Hi I installed and rooted it using magisk via boot.img I downloaded an app from the play store called card emulator pro root. I tried to emulate the card it was successful but when I tested it it was spamming the reader. Thank you
  5. S


    How can I edit mixer_paths.xml for boost sound for Poco F3, after edited ,it back to original value
  6. M

    Mi 11 root

    I have already installed on Mi 11 via TWRP Recovery and now I'd like to root it, but every guide I found had a different procedure. Most of them say that you can just change the .apk to .zip and install it via TWRP recovery just like I did with but without formatting the...
  7. X

    How to change MIUI eu icons

    I installed this wonderful ROM, aka MIUI eu. Everything is fine , except 1 little thing . WHAT A HORRIBLE PRE-INSTALLED ICON PACK! I search all the internet , tried everything . Twrp then orangeFox, root , root explorer, deleting MIUI-icon-pack . Nothing worked . Even with root I was unable to...
  8. A

    How to Install Magisk Manager?

    Hi everyone, I want to install Magisk Manager in EU stable v12.5.4, anyone knows how to install it?
  9. M

    Root on Stock Rom (germany Mi11)

    Hi Guys, I'm switching from Oneplus Nord to the Xiaomi Mi11 and would like to know how to get root? On the Oneplus I flashed Magisk in the recovery and reinstalled it in the inactive slot after each OTA via Magisk. Does it still work? Can the bootloader stay closed? Which guides do i have to...
  10. M

    Rooting with magisk on MIUI V12.0.4.0.QCOMIXM

    Is it safe to do root via magisk on note 8? Just Heard of it and would love to root my phone for the first time in a while
  11. P

    Read/Write Filesystem and root on Xiaomi Mi 11.

    Hi everyone, My name is Pavel. I am new to the forums. I apologize if I am asking in the wrong place. Could you direct me to the right place if I am. I am doing research on Mobile hardware. I am looking to buy Xiaomi Mi 11 global version (I am in Canada) and collect hardware performance...
  12. S

    ****ed Mi 9t

    Okay, so I got a Mi 9t. -I unlocked the bootloader through the Mi app -Updated the developer rom -Used a guide to flash TWRP and then I ****ed up So, now, for some reason, I get into a bootloop because there seems to be no OS (just mi logo, NO android logo etc) but the funny thing is, I can get...
  13. H

    Bootloading problem/Unstable Fastboot [SOLVED]

    Hello, I have a 2018 Mi A2 Lite, and two months ago I decided to root it using Magisk and the Fastboot method (so I downloaded the ROM and flashed with the PowerShell from my PC). Everything went perfectly, and I rebooted a rooted smarphone. At the beginning of September, I received a...
  14. V

    [QUESTION] [JOYEUSE] ( Modding System Files without getting stuck on Fastboot mode.

    Hi everyone, I just upgraded my firmware today with the recovery from here and I want to know if I can mod files again with root or directly from TWRP without getting bootloop as before in I was trying to mod some system files like the default fonts in my phone, using "Root explorer"...
  15. S

    root magisk safetynet fail

    After rooting my Mi 9 and initially passing safetynet after hiding magisk, I've suddenly failed it and can't resolve the issue. Any solutions?
  16. A

    Error flashing magisk manager. Miui 12 beta

    Hello, yesterday I installed the latest version of the miui 12 beta. When I wanted to root the device with twrp Flashing the magisk manager zip reboots to recovery. Could someone help me?
  17. O

    Root detection failed

    I never rooted my MI10 but in the banking app it tells me that the root detection is failed. Is there something I can do? I'm using 18.6.20 beta miui 12 from
  18. K

    OLIVE vs OLIVE_EEA, warranty after unlocking the bootloader and ROMs?

    Hello! I recently bought a Redmi 8, it came with a Global ROM that I updated to MIUI which shows up as the latest version. I'm in EU, and the code name shows up as OLIVE_EEA in the Hidden Settings app. What are the differences between the OLIVE and OLIVE_EEA variants? Is this device...
  19. synzy

    fingerprint question.

    so i wonder if i root my redmi note 8 with xiaomi eu rom will the fingerprint still going to work?
  20. H

    Delete/change... miui mod icon in EU rom with another theme

    I dont want to use this mod icon (fb,mess,steam,...). If i root my phone I can delete that file to restore a default icon. But my friend dont want to root, i think i will create a theme which have icons of EU rom theme but dont have mod icons, i created but when i apply this theme, the icon...