1. A

    Unsuccessful SMS migration from old (Android 12, LOS) to new phone (Android 14, using google messages app and SMS Backup&Restore

    I already posted this under an older thread with the title "google messages". I hope this title has more luck. trying to migrate my SMS from a medieval Poco F1 (lineage) to the X4 in my profile. Changed to googles messages app on the F1. Factory resetted the X4 just to invoke the android "copy...
  2. D

    How to send bulk SMS

    Hello everybody. I use MIUI 13 on Redmi 9. I want to send SMS to my friends group. I created group in Google Contacts and selected option to send SMS to all of them. When I created converation I saw that MMS was created. I don't want MMS. I want SMS. What should I do to send SMS instead...
  3. L

    HyperOs messages problem

    Hi, today i have flashed my Xiaomi mi 12t pro from last Xiaomi eu to HyperOs on twrop with formato data. Allí working fine but i cant enable Xiaomi cloud, i cant receive sms's, the service failed when i try always, i have flashed two times and get the same. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. Lyteka

    Can't recieve SMS with Android Message or Signal

    Hello, I do not receive SMS and I cannot send them with an application (Android message and Signal) other than that of MIUI which is not the best, how do I do it?
  5. E

    New Not receiving automated SMS (Poco 3 Pro)

    My Poco 3 (latest MIUI 13) isn't receieving any automated SMS messages (e.g from banks) but is still allowing normal messages through. I've tried using another SMS app, turned off Google's chat featrure, checked there are no blocked numbers, and the SIM itself does work in another phone. If...
  6. R

    No SMS verification code received to create new Mi account (lots of details provided, help please?)

    I know this issue has been addressed numerous times on many forums. Often whatever solution is provided works for some but others say it did not work for them. I've done my due diligence and there must be something particular to my situation. So here are as many of those particulars as I can...
  7. M

    Problem with activating data sync with activation SMS

    Hi all, I have Xiaomi Mi11 Lite 5G. I performed Master Reset of the phone, and now I have a problem when I try to do synchronization of messages. I used to be able to do this before, and there was no problems. Bare in mind, that every time I did this I was with the same operator, as I am right...
  8. X

    Invalid ZOOM for SMS / Text Msgs not working since MIUI 12!

    Hi! Mi Mix 2S, MIUI (QDGMIMIX). The Double Tap for ZOOM in SMS / Text Msgs, doesn't work since MIUI 12. Already at 2020-06-09 03:03:25 someone asked the same question, have a look at: But it is still not working. When will this be Fixed? I...
  9. M

    Issues with sending sms/text message

    I have 2 sim cards in my phone. The main one works fine. The second one....I can only call/receive call/receive a text message. The problem is I can't send any text message. It keeps writing: FAILED. It is bothering me. I called my operator but it seems to be fine from their side. I saw that...
  10. J

    Unable to set SMS view and send permission for alternative SMS app Signal

    Hello guys, on my Mi 9T I have the problem that I can't allow the SMS view and send permission for an app called Signal. When I go into the permission settings, set the permission and then go back the changed setting is immediately lost. You can see it in the attached video. What can I do to...
  11. V

    [Already Fixed] Sync messages from Xiaomi Cloud NOT WORKING

    Hello, First of all let me say Thanks for the great and up-to-date ROMs. Then let me say that i'm using [MIUI 11.1] 9.10.24 on my 'Mi8Pro' device, a very new and fresh installation, just switched from Offical MIUI 10 Global Weekly rom to this. Logged into my Xiaomi account and Syncing everything...
  12. lekzzz

    Change SMS text for incoming phone-calls

    Although I'm Dutch I like my system language to be in English. What I would like to know if it's possible to change the SMS text for incoming phone-calls when you can't answer the phone. Normally you have a few different possibilities to answer. Just like the screenshot below.
  13. andrzejfashion

    Different ringtones for sms and system notifications

    Hello, will you help? I set a different ringtone for SMS notifications and another one as default system notifications. And it did not help? Still for each application - sms, Facebook, system notification - and so I have only one and the same sound - default. How to make it work ?? MIUI Global...
  14. maksz

    Invalid Missing SMS Sound Setting

    The setting for SMS received sound is missing in sound settings. There are only ringtone, calendar and notification settings. Mi Max 3 MIUI 9.3.14
  15. TheBigMama

    New Can't Use Messenger To Send Sms

    Hey ! So , I see a Bug , I can't Use Facebook Messenger to Send SMS/MMS per default . When I send SMS/MMS , The SMS/MMS is automatically deleted .. I Give ALL permission for this APP and Get Default Message App but he also can't send SMS/MMS I use The Mi5S And the Last MIUI Stable version for...
  16. D

    New Sms - Cyrillic (russian) Symbols Wrong Encoding?

    Hi all! On my Mi4c version of the build 7.3.4 was installed. I write a message in Russian, I send it, the recipient receives an empty message. Upgrading to build version 7.3.20 did not change anything. In the attachment, screenshots of the sent SMS from one of my SIM cards to another. This is...
  17. S

    New 7.4.20 - Empty Sms When Sending In Russian

    Mi4c MIUI 7.4.20 An empty SMS delivered when sending in Russian or Hebrew. English is fine. Receiving Russian and Hebrew is also works fine. Anyone? Thanks.
  18. Z

    New No Sms Notification Sound

    After upgraded to Stable 8.2 version, the SMS notification sound stopped work. I'm not notified with a sound when I receive a new SMS. I've tried multiple things, changing notification sound, enable/disable silent mode, vibration, etc and the problem sustains. Problem was only solved...
  19. J

    Notification Sms Group Disappeared

    Hello, Couple of days ago i cleaned up my sms inbox and deleted all notification / service sms under the handy group created automatically. Since the deletion of the messages the group disappeared from my inbox and all notification and services sms are mixed with normal sms which is very...
  20. Z

    New Adding A Saved Picture Into A Message Dosnt Work

    Hello When i try to add a picture from gallery into a current message (SMS), default sms app, crash and reload. Someone have the same problem ? I have a redmi note 3 Pro 6.7.14 eu Thanks community !