1. B

    Cannot Unlock Phone, Reaches 50% Then Get Message ' Couldn't Verify Device'

    Hi, I've search numerous threads. Uninstalled and installed drivers. Have installed MI PC Suite, latest addition, still not working. Using stable version of MIUI that came with the phone. I have asked for unlock permission and received it from Xiaomi along with the steps/exe file to do so...
  2. C

    Unlocked Lte Band 20 (800mhz) On Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro?

    Hi! I suppose that 4G 800MHz isn't unlocked because it is not mentioned anywhere, am I right? But since it is fixable by software modifications, is there any mod ready to apply? Or even better, could it be added to the ROM? Pleaaaaaase? :-)
  3. T

    Need Unlock Bootloader To Upgrade Rom?

    I want upgrade the original chinese rom in my new Xiaomi Redmi note 4 to multilanguage rom (HMNote4 v6.0) . Do I need bootloader unlocked previously?
  4. rocky1987

    Mi 5 "current Account Is Different From The Account Info On The Device"

    Dear Members, I bought a Xiaomi Mi 5, and immediately I wanted to install developer global rom , but I bricked my device. I can not turn on my phone, just the fastboot works on it. I tried reset rom with lock bootloader, but nothing works. I received approval to unlock. When I want to unlock my...
  5. E

    New Spam Navigator After Unlocking Screen

    From some weeks on, each time I unlock the screen to run my Redmi 3 Pro, appears first a blank wep page, and then another with some spam. I got to close both quickly (if not they appear again) in order to start working with my mobile. I have checked for info but I can not find how to solve...
  6. J

    Can't Unlock Bootloader (50%) On Xiaomi Eu Rom

    hi all (and sorry for my english) last week i bought Xiaomi Mi Max 3/64 (snapdragon 652). it has already android 6.0.1 MMB29M, MIUI 8 (xiaomi eu) 6.7.14 dev. i already received permission sms for unlock bootloader. MiAccount is OK, MiCloud: working find device: working i tried to unlock with...
  7. S

    Reset Pattern Or Pin Lock Without Data Loss.

    I'll show you two solution. If you logged in into MIUI account. Reboot you phone into TWRP (sound up + power) (any recovery with file manager should be ok) Select File Manager Goto /data/system Remove these files: gesture.key, locksettings.db, locksettings.db-shm, locksettings.db-wal (to...
  8. R

    (resolved) Locked Bootloader After Flash The Rom?? O.o

    Hi! I did some research and I unlocked the bootloader, at least is what the command " fastboot oem device-info" say. Then I flashed the twrp(and I choose to not keep the system only for read), and tested again if the bootloader was unlocked, and everything ok. The problem is when I flash either...
  9. I

    Mi4c Locked Bootloader

    I have a Mi4 and I'm able to install TWRP from the updater app, but on the Mi4C I just bought I can't... I tried to flash (maybe I did it wrong) but it also did not work... Can anyone help?
  10. C

    How To Install Roms From Xiaomi.eu On Redmi 3 Pro With Vendor Rom

    Hi, I bought a Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro from ******* which has the MIUI 7.2.99 Global Stable ROM installed. I have read that this is a fake global ROM as no such official ROM has been released yet. I would like to flash the latest xiaomi.eu ROM for this phone but have encountered several issues...
  11. K

    Problem Unlocking The Phone

    I just received my Redmi in the mail (ordered off the official website) last week, but even once I started it, I've had an odd issue simply unlocking the phone. Just when I want to turn it on, I hit the unlock button and sometimes it brings me to the last screen I was on, without asking for my...
  12. ilkertr

    Unlock Problem: It Stucks At 50% With Error:

    unlock problem: it stucks at 50% with error: Error - Couldn't verify device, "Current account is different with account info on device" REDMI 3 miui UID: 70311159
  13. ilkertr

    Lock Or To Unlock, How Can I Find Out?

    Lock or to Unlock, how can I find out? I managed to root adn my Developer options screen. What is "Enable OEM unlock" option REDMI 3 miui Connect your phone in fastboot mode and execute this command from PC "fastboot oem device-info" (exc ... C:\Program...
  14. chamara madushanka

    I'm New Miui User And Redmi 3 Pro Help Regarding Rom And Unlock

    Hi All , I have recently brought Redmi 3 Pro via popular site and have some question plz help me. First of all I would like to tell you all guys phone is grate I love that UI (MIUI) My quires are below.. 1 .When I unbox and switch on phone at first time then click 7 times on about phone. I...
  15. K

    Fastboot Mode Switching Off After A Few Seconds

    Hi, today i received my unlock sms from xiaomi. i downloaded the unlock app and set my mi5 to fastboot mode. but after 10-20 seconds it automatically switches off, it doesn't stay in fastboot mode. i am running the device with 6.5.7 china dev rom, had the same issue with china dev 6.4.21...
  16. Andres Rivas

    Im Trying To Apply For A Bootloader Unlock But I Just Don't Get Any Sms.

    As the title says i'm trying to apply for a bootloader unlock but i just don't get any sms the website says SMS Failed (短信发送失败). i already try with two different carriers and 2 web browsers Chrome (PC and Android) and Firefox (PC) i don't know what else to do. My Xiaomi account is activated. The...
  17. F

    New Trying To Sign In Www.miui.com, But....

    Hello, not sure if anyone else is having these issues, but I can't login after registering. I also tired changing my password several times and still no luck. I'm trying to request to unlock my MI5 Below is the error I get after Google did translation. Login failed, please try again If your...
  18. Mcrae


    Why does no one fix smart-unlock? It does only work with Mi-band, it should work with location too!
  19. G

    Unlock Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 Bootloader Instantly

    well i accidently , got his post over internet when i was searching for a unlock bootloader. since i got error at 50% on mi unlock tool . this post works 100% confirmed .. this is at miui india forum...
  20. wolfanger

    How To Unlock Mi 4c Without Verification By Xiaomi

    Just reporting an useful post on xda. http://forum.xda-developers.com/mi-4c/general/guide-unlocking-mi4c-bl-verification-t3336779