1. N

    Android Nougat - Weekly

    Should I update to weekly or wait for stable release? When is stable coming?
  2. buxlt

    Infected Rom (miui 8.1) By Xiaomi.eu 6.9.8

    Hello, i have Xiaomi Redmi 3, bought from China, with MIUI 8.1 by xiaomi.eu 6.9.8 rom. Android version: 6.0 MRA58K, Core 3.18.22+. 2.52Ghz. Chipset: Mediatek MT6797T Helio X25 After scanning fresh phone installation with Malwarebytes, i have found 1 PUP and 2 Trojans...
  3. I

    New Permissions Doesnt Have Borders

    Hi, Just that permissions doesnt have border. You have to look for yourself, cause because of your protection i cant post links.
  4. kanem0chi

    Xiaomi's Latest And Cheapest Headphones Cost 4$. Worth Buying?

    Aside from smartphones, one of Xiaomi’s longest running line of gadgets is their headphone line. The Piston Fresh starts from 4$, and let’s see if that will bring any goods to your ears! Last December 2016, Xiaomi released a new model in its Piston headphone line called the Piston Fresh. The...
  5. kanem0chi

    How To Install Google Play Store & Services On Xiaomi Devices With Miui 8

    Hi Guys, On Youtube, several forum's, and here, I noticed that people were looking for an easy way to install the Google Play Store Services, without Rooting their device or installing customs ROMS such as the Xiaomi.eu ROMS. Here's my video to help you out: There's a quick and easy way to...
  6. Jaime DLH

    Hugo Barra Is Leaving Xiaomi

    http://www.androidpolice.com/2017/01/23/almost-four-years-china-hugo-barra-leaving-xiaomi/ What this means for Xiaomi's international plans is unknown at this time, but Hugo surely was instrumental in the company's growth and cool product releases. Hope him well, and also that Xiaomi can put...
  7. S

    Mimix Audio Quality

    Hey guys! I have the MiMix since a week now. Beside the weak vibration, I'm overall quite satisfied with the phone and the software. But there is one think which really bothers me: The audio quality. I have Sennheiser IE80 earphones (250$) and on my old Samsung Galaxy S4 (':D) they sounded so...
  8. F

    Redmi 4 Prime Bricked

    Heya guys, Received my Redmi 4 Prime today but I think I already messed it up beyond repair. It had a dodgy reseller ROM on it, so obviously I had to revert back to the original ROM, unlock the bootloader and flash the Xiaomi.eu weekly. Except in my excitement I used MiFlash and a fastboot ROM...
  9. A

    Sar Xiaomi Redmi Pro ??

    Hello everyone, I wanted to ask if anyone knows the SAR value (emission of electromagnetic waves) of this smartphone ?? A shorter then buy it and wanted to know this value (I've seen that recently has been published by xiaomi the table with the SAR but the xiaomi redmi pro there was nothing...
  10. H

    Back To Smiui...

    hi guys, is anybody out there, got backed up rom images from smiu 7.5xx stable? My phone gets after swiching to miu 8 massive battery drain, thats why i wanna go back to one of the last smiui 7 stable, because they was very smooth, stable and batterysaving! sadly i got no backup from my smiui...
  11. n12pad3

    Overclock Redmi 4a

    Hey guys, is there any way to increase the clock of cpu and gpu in 4a? It is a good handset, has good battery life. But the snapdragon 425 is a weak chip. Maybe with higher frequencies it works better. What do you think, ? Sorry for my bad english.
  12. J

    New Lockscreen Bug, Bluetooth Connection To Car Doesnt Work

    Hi Guys, Since the last update I can't connect my mimix to my car using RSAP and when I turn my device off into Standby, the display keeps turning on 1 to 3 times until it stays dark. Thanks
  13. I

    Ota After Bootloader Unlock

    Dears, I'm going to unlock the bootloader of my Mi5s in order to install the last Xiaomi.eu ROM. I asked the permission to xiaomi and I received the confirmation. I'm installing TWRP recovery and then I'll flash the xiaomi.eu rom. I have a doubt. If in the future I want to come back to original...
  14. J

    New Lockscreen Turns Automaticly On.

    Hi, Phone: MiMix 128GB Version: Xiaomi.eu 6.12.8 Beta In Lockscreen mode turns automaticly the screen on. Is this a Bug? sometimes every 20-30 sec and sometimes only one time after i locked the screen. Thank you :) sorry for my bad english
  15. Dr.MTR

    Xiaomi Router 3 English Firmware

    Get the english firmware for Router 3 ONLY here ! Version: 2.10.25 Stable Download here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1zKOzedJRrlbWZBOFdBWEFYS1U/view?usp=sharing Tested on Router 3 and works without issues !
  16. Aked

    How To Enable Eis On Mi5s Plus Using Freedcam

    FreeDcam application can turn on EIS for video recording in Mi5s Plus
  17. kanem0chi

    The Xiaomi Redmi 4a Pink Review - Is It Worth $75?

    Hi Guys, I've been on the forums for a while, read and gathered a lot of information, but decided to finally create an account. Moreover, I thought it might be nice to share my review with you guys, what my thoughts are regarding the RedMi 4A. I purchased my device at *******.com, as they...
  18. fmcouto

    Upgrade To Android 6.0

    Anyone has info about this upgrade ? Is it going to happen ? Thanks in advance!
  19. T

    Unlock Mi5 Phone With Nfc

    Hey, :) First, sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand me. :S I will unlock my Xiaomi mi 5 phone with my NFC Tag. What I did: 1) Unlock bootloader and installed the miuiV8 stable ROM. Then I installed Xposed and unlocked the "Google Smart Lock". I registered my NFC Tag, but the phone...
  20. D

    Xiaomi/miui Gfx Resources

    LINK You will find vector sources for Xiaomi & MIUI logo @ my dA page. Feel free to grab them and use them for your project or fan art. SVG & AI included.