xiaomi.eu rom

  1. ntlkr

    New Package installer fails to install any app.

    As you can see in my screenshot, the package installer always returns a parsing error because the "packageInfo is null". This happens when trying to install any APK, no matter what size or source. What confuses me most, is that built-in installers like in Google Files work well though. Any...
  2. fukkjoao

    New Redmi Note 12 4G Tapas Bugs

    some issues/bugs i noticed on miui.eu for redmi note 12 4g tapas 1. Animations with a lot of lag sometimes with gesture bar, when i close the app it's like the gesture fails and the launcher kinda blink. 2. When clicking the power button to turn off the screen, the screen flashes...
  3. L

    Xiaomi.eu Camera app as a stand-alone app?

    Hi! I really like the features and results of the camera app that comes as a part of the Xiaomi.eu ROM (BETA branch). Is there any chance to find the camera app as a stand-alone app (APK file?) for the Mi 9? I am testing a Mi 9 at the moment because of the annoying 4G/LTE issue that I have with...
  4. G

    Xiaomi.eu_multi_mi5s_v9.1.3.0.nagcnei_v9-7.0. - Language Translation

    I have upgraded my Xiaomi mi 5s phone (Xiaomi.eu with the new OTA function. I am now running xiaomi.eu_multi_MI5S_V9.1.3.0.NAGCNEI_v9-7.0. with the Dutch language. But the settings menu on the 5s is not translated it is still in English. On the previous rom ((Xiaomi.eu the...
  5. N

    Google Play Store Issues With Downloading\updating Apps

    Hi, I have a new mi6 device and I tried to install the latest stable xiaomi.eu rom. The rom was successfully installed, but I get errors in Google Play Store (error code:0). I cannot update Google app nor Android System WebView - the PlayStore just crashes (however, I can update Cloud Print...
  6. B

    Xiaomi.eu 7.5.18 Rom On Mi6

    Hi everyone, my MI 6 will be shipped today from china. Has anyone installed the latest xiaomi.eu ROM yet and is it working without issues? :) Thanks for your replies!
  7. Rasul

    Flickering Screen

    Hi guys, hope you're doing fine. A few weeks ago I flashed MIUI 8.3 (by xiaomi.eu, v7.3.9 beta) on my Redmi Pro. Today i noticed that my screen is flickering. I don't know how do describe it exactly, but it looks like those neon light advertisements where a sign is repeatedly turned on and off...
  8. AlexCleric

    [solved] Twrp Reboot When Trying To Install Xiaomi.eu Rom

    Hi. I have a Redmi Note 3 Pro SE (kate) phone. I unlocked the bootloader unofficially, because in the official way it stuck a 50%. So i unlocked it unofficially, installed ZCX TWRP, wiped cache, dalvik, data, and when i try to install Xiaomi.eu rom for kate, it freeze for 1-2 sec after the MD5...
  9. P

    Redmi Note 4 - Xiaomi.eu Rom - Update

    Hi, I bought Redmi Note 4 on Aliexpress from TOPONE store and it came with xiaomi.eu ROM (MIUI 8.1 - 6.9.29 Beta). What I need to do to update my phone on the laste xiaomi.eu ROM version? Do I need to unloock bootloader or maybe it's already unlocked? Also which ROM is better Weekly or Stable?
  10. M

    Xiaomi.eu Or Global Stable

    Hi guys, I´m new with xiaomi devices, specifically I have a Xiaomi redmi note 3 pro(2ram16gb) and I would like to be adviced by you, sometimes I have some problems with the wifi conection and whatsapp notification, not all the time, just few days in random moments( I have all permision and...
  11. M

    Global Official Rom/downgrade/installing Xiaomi.eu Rom

    Hi, i bought a redmi 3s prime on geekbuying ([Official International Version] XIAOMI Redmi 3S 5.0inch HD 4G LTE MIUI 7 Smartphone Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 Octa Core 3GB 32GB 13.0MP Touch ID Fast Charge 4100mAh - Dark Gray) I updated via OTA update from (something like that) to miui...