0.11.12 N1 English Pack #3c (miui-0.11.12_N1-EN_PACK3c.zip)


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Nov 6, 2010
Update on pack #3c:

- Added new style shortcut icon for desktop shortcuts. Icons were in old pre 0.11.5 style.
- Re-introduced the Arial fonts due to complaints about Unicode support!

New icon style:

Update on pack #3b:

- Changed 'Lock screen' text to 'Lock' for notification bar.

Download: http://dphase.net/miui/N1/miui-0.11.12_N1-EN_PACK3c.zip

Update on pack #3:

- Includes text fixes for Recording label and Text label when going to the in-call menu, found by selecting Send SMS
- Send SMS on main dial pad changed to Call Tools as it makes more sense leading to the Recording and SMS options.
- Mms.apk Phrases fixed (Chinese converted to English)
- Launcher2 (as as pack 2)
- Lockscreen text size corrections
- NEW miui-dev.com forums apk added so you can keep up with us on the move :)
- NEW official MIUI-DEV updater header added to update-script Thanks to dphase for the ASCII Art
- Replaced Arial font family with Helvetica, thanks to dphase for those. It fixes an alignment issue with the time in the notification area (top bar right)

DOWNLOAD HERE: http://dphase.net/miui/N1/miui-0.11.12_N1-EN_PACK3c.zip

Please report errors etc here.


They look nice, how exactly do I change the icon set? I changed the setting from old to new and see no difference. Maybe I'm missing a setting somewhere?
I'll create an hd2 system and test the new look. I could also be lazy on a sick day but its better if I just roll it up with a new ext2 for ease of confusion
edit I'll probably use the helvetica font though =/
In SOUND SETTINGS, it says "sms", but it should be "default notification" or something like that.

There you set the default notification TONE, not the SMS one.