1.8.19 sms popup error


Mar 28, 2011
Some youth sms popup window is opened in some of the key opening the main display screen, crash and reset the device is opened by asking the throws and pins. 1.8.12 grandfather had the same problem.
Device: DESIRE
Note: m sorry for my English is bad. I hope you could tell the problem.
Ana ekranda iken ister kilitli olsun ister olmasın ekran. msj geldiğinde pop up pencere ile ön izleme çıkıyorya işte o çıkmadan cihaz kilitleniyor ve reset atıyor.
bu sorun sadece bankalardan sms şifre istediğimde gelen msjlarında yapıyor. diğer normal smslerde sıkıntı yok...
Same error

I have the same problem.
When i am in the SMS application, my HTC Desire receives the messages, I get notification. In one word, it works as designed.

BUT!!!, when the phone is in standby mode (the screen is off), when I receive SMS message, my phone crashes and performed some kind of "HOT BOOT". ( I can see the MIUI splash image and then all the applications are starting in background)

How can I solve this problem, I really like this ROM ?
his problem is regarding the sms popup window locking up his screen and restarting the device. He says it happens with some specific SMS, but not all. Anyone experiencing a similar problem, or know the solution to this problem?