Apps keep crashing after clean install


Jan 29, 2016
Hi all,
I still using a mix 2 as my primary phone, up until the day before yesterday without having any issues.
The day before yesterday I bought some sony headphones and downloaded the "headphones connect" app, from there the problems started, not sure if by coincidence or not.
Since yesterday certain apps are no longer opening, keep crashing, from gmail to paypal, an internet banking app crash while another is running normally and others... I first tried uninstalling the headphones app, then I did a factory reset, cleaned cache, dalvik etc, did a clean install of the latest available weekly 20.6.18 (before I had stopped on a early versions)

Despite all this the problem continues to exist and at this point I have no more ideas than to resign myself to getting a new phone (I hate camera hole & notch and I like the size of mix 2)...Is there anything else I can try to fix my mix2?

If helpful I can attach the problem summary that the phone asks to send
Sorry for my english